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  1. I've been googling all night too! It's crazy how common it is! I'm just hoping I can use my surgery as a crutch. I'm definitely gonna ask for a more sensitive test for that reason. I hope it works because I hate that they look at me like I'm selling my meds or something, because without them my housework would never be done and I have a toddler to run after...ugh it's just so frustrating!
  2. Can't believe my surgiversary is just 10 days away! I'm down almost 100lbs! I'm now 160lbs a size 8/m and no longer diabetic...life is good :)

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  4. Hi everyone. I'm almost one year post op on the 26th this month and still have chronic back and neck pain that radiates to my limbs from a car accident 8 years ago. 7 years ago I had back surgery and still have 2 slipped discs in my neck. I receive radiofrequency ablation where they burn my nerves on my lumbar annually and epidural injections in my neck. Because NSAIDs are out of the question because of my vsg contract I have to resort to narcotics, norco. I'm on a contract for my meds with my pain management specialist and have urine tests monthly to get my script. The last 2 times it came back negative! I take my meds, my family sees me doing so, I need them to be able function I try not to take them if I know I'm gonna be driving though, especially with my son in the car because in Cali you can get a DUI for doing so. Has anyone else had this problem?! Could it just be not absorbing as well? If anyone has any links to pages I can take to my dr. I would appreciate them
  5. gette2751

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    It's been a while since I've been on but this week I'm down 4.5lbs this week to 161.4! I'm 8months out from surgery and only 1.5lbs to 100lbs from my start weight a year ago...I love my sleeve!!! I'm having Christmas miracles too Kimmes!
  6. gette2751

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    I was stalled all last week at 188.8 with TOM...but today I weighed in at 185! That's only 15 lbs until I reach my surgeons goal and 30 to reach my personal goal and I'm only 3.5 months out, can I just say I love my sleeve ❤
  7. gette2751

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Been mia for a bit...but I'm happily checking in at 188 from 193! That's 5 lbs this week at almost 3 months out. So far I'm down 33lbs since surgery and 70 since I started my journey a year ago. The best part is having a BMI in the 20's from 40's.
  8. gette2751

    San Diego People

    If you want fish tacos hit up blue Water market and grill off the 5 near airport, they are amazing! So is the fish n chips and onion rings...even though I could only eat one lol! Portions are big, my unsleeved hubby could only eat 1 taco. It was also on DDD(diners, drive ins and dives of food network) http://www.bluewater.sandiegan.com/ The best Mexican food is Casa de Pico off the 8 in east county. This restraunt used to be in old town but needed more room or it's awesomeness lol! Everything here is amazing! http://www.casadepico.com/ There is also a great diner that was on DDD too called studio diner. I love this place pre and post op! This is the place i chose for my bday meal...its that good! Pot pie, meatloaf, burgers and more! http://studiodiner.com/ Send me a MSG if there is something in particular your looking for!
  9. gette2751

    Road Trip At 7 Weeks

    Don't know if you went out to SD yet, but that's where I live There are lots of choices for food out here. Taco shops and Mexican restraunts always have beans with cheese, lots of seafood places out here too! Let me know if you need any recommendations!
  10. gette2751

    March Roll Call!

    Hi everyone...so happy to hear everyone's successful stories! I'm doing great as well, today I weighed in at 196.8 that makes me down 25 lbs since surgery on 3/25! All my size 16 pants are loose but the 14s aren't fitting just yet. I feel wonderful and so happy I have my sleeve <3 I'm eating about 1/2cup a meal and drink a protein shake daily, I find that I eat cheese or hard boiled eggs for snacks. I also just found out a crunch gym is opening soon near me so I'm going to join this weekend! Until then I'm going to continue my walking and hand weights. Keep up the good work everyone!
  11. You look amazing! I'm 2 months out and your an inspiration <3
  12. Hello onederland! I'm at 199.9 and so excited

  13. gette2751


    I was ok'd to eat cereal and milk tarting week 5....haven't tried it yet, but gotta get me some of this special k protein!
  14. gette2751

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Me too! Think we might be VGS twins lol! I was out of town this weekend but weighed in this morning at 203 and then again tonight at 201.5...woohoo! Hello onederland, here I come
  15. gette2751

    When Did You Buy New Clothes?

    I just hit a great clearance at sears! They had tons of $3.99 racks and I spent $100 on all sizes of stuff including Levi's!