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  1. OK honey, just stop tormenting yourself!!!!!! Since you've been banded you have lost 44 pounds. How great for you! Be positive! Be realistic! I know you didn't put on the weight overnight and it will take time to lose it, even with the band. And your goals aren't silly I think they are quite normal. My only goal so far has been to be able to cross my legs again, so there. By saying the amount of weight you want to lose is disgusting, you are really calling yourself disgusting and you aren't, in fact you look lovely to me. Try this, instead of focusing on the seemingly monumental task ahead of you, Celebrate the small successes you'll have. Every pound lost is a step towards a healthier you which is the main goal anyway right?
  2. windycitywids

    The REAL truth about recovery....

    I had the band surgery, an appendectomy and gallbladder surgery all within 3 months of each other and I thought the band surgery was the easiest.
  3. windycitywids

    Worried about new pain

    It could be an infected port site so I'd suggest going to the doc's office and have it checked out.
  4. When and if I eat bread which is rarely I have it with soup and have to dunk it to get it mushy. I've just removed it from my list of foods that I can eat because it isn't worth it to me to have it get stuck.
  5. windycitywids

    Doctor's Scales

    My doc's office doesn't take off anything for clothes and my appt's are usually in the early evening so I always weigh more at their ofice than at home.
  6. windycitywids

    Feeling a little... Constipated

    I have the same problem after my gallbladder was removed and the benefiber didn't do it for me. My doc says I need to drink MORE water. I have started that today and I hope it works because I feel bloated most of the time. 2 movements in a week will do that to you I'm told.
  7. windycitywids

    The Guilt of Being a Slow Loser

    I know that it's been a while since anyone visited this thread but I would like to revisit as I am having a lot of the same issues with being a slow loser and the guilt is horrific for me. I have had a lot of medical issues this year...banding followed by a surgical site infection, followed by appendectomy, followed by gallbladder removal and just plain loss of motivation after all of it. I gained 4 lbs after my last surgery but otherwise it's been all forward progress. I only started getting any restriction at all this February and have lost about 12 lbs since then. I went to the doc's office on Tuesday and found out that I have only lost, get this, 32 lbs in a year. I am happy for that believe me but when I know I've been exercising my a** off literally, eating correctly, after realizing I was eating too damn much, I saw a 1 lb only loss. I broke down in the office which I haven't done at all throughout the entire last year's ordeal. Saying that, I have noticed, and so has everyone else, a change in my body. Smaller bra size, smaller blouse size 2x-3x to an XL and I went from a size 20 to 16 pants. This is a good thing really but my mind tells me I'm failing when I don't see the numbers moving. My doc told me that I am losing fat and building muscle which is just as or more important than seeing the numbers move. I felt better after that and I'm wondering if other slow losers like me are experiencing the same thing. If it matters I have a Realize band with 9.5 CC's in a 12CC band.
  8. windycitywids

    Low Thyroid

    I do and going on the meds hasn't done a darn thing to help with weight loss.
  9. windycitywids

    Sitting in a chair

    Wow, you aren't even a week post-op. You're still healing and certain positions are just harder on the stomach area. I had the same issue though, see if your chair at work can tip back and forward kind of like a rocker. When I did that my problems with the pain stopped. I also stopped getting back aches.
  10. windycitywids

    Alcohol and common sense

    Yep, I read that post and I agree that it doesn't really apply to banders. Although I find that I cannot drink as much now because after 2 beers I really feel it. I believe it is the fact that I weigh less not having a band.
  11. windycitywids

    Day TWO after Surgery

    So glad you are feeling better. Even though it's hard remember to keep up your strength and eat! Surgery is a major assault on your body and without proper nutrition it will rebel and take longer to heal. Good luck
  12. windycitywids

    Crazy NSV

    I said the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I was so happy I could feel my collar bone again. I was like hey! Come feel my bones. The ladies at work thought I was an idiot. Good for you happy bones!
  13. windycitywids

    Down a Size:)

    Yay for you. I know the feeling. I had to buy size 16 capris for my trip to vegas last week and I am still stunned. Way to go keep up the good work.
  14. windycitywids

    Keeping Lap Band a Secret

    I was the same way about not wanting to go public and we all have our feelings about that. I eventually told my teenagers the day before my surgery in case something happened to me in surgery and I told one or two close co-workers including my boss and of course my husband but there are still people I haven't told because my personal choices aren't their business. Good luck to you

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