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  1. bigjoe102

    Less than 48 hrs!

    Good luck! Your journey has just started. You will do great! You will be in my prayers.
  2. bigjoe102


    I work midnights also. I have no problems with drinking coffee. However, there have been a couple of times where I did get a little jittery after drinking it.
  3. No not really. You will not be able to eat alot out once. You will just have to eat correctly for the stage of time you are in. When did you have the surgery. I am at about 255-260. I started out at 489 and that was 2 years ago. Good luck!
  4. bigjoe102


    if it is carbonated, I would stay far away from it.
  5. We all have different body types. I might loose my weight at a different rate than you do. We are all on the same journey, just a different time table. You are doing great! Keep it Up! Respectfully, Joe
  6. People are ignorant. They do not know what we feel or what we have gone thru. In the long run who cares what they think? If you pay my bills, then I will take what you have to say in consideration. If you do not pay my bills, have a nice day. I do not care what you think. We did this for us and for our families not for strangers. Respectfully, Joe
  7. This surgery changed my life, 2 1/2 years ago. This is for you If you are doubting yourself and think you cannot do this. Started out at 489 and currently range from 248 to 255. Respectfully, Joe
  8. I would like to personally, say thank you to everyone for having the courage to tell their pesonal experiences. When I told my story it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Respectfully, Joe
  9. bigjoe102

    Admitting im scared

    Good luck! We cannot wait to hear on your progress! Joe
  10. bigjoe102

    Admitting im scared

    Yes, at some point we all get scared. I"m a father of 2 awesome boys. My heaviest weight was at 489 lbs. I had to ask myself how much longer would I be here for my family. There where nights when I cried and did not sleep. You name the thought and I had it. The hardest part for me was the day of the surgery, saying goodbye just before the surgery. Wondering if I was going to die on the table. I had my surgery on August 19th, of 2011. I am still here, no side affects. I now weigh 250 lbs. (fluctuating between 245-252) lol You will be fine! Good luck on your journey. Joe
  11. bigjoe102

    New Friends

    There are plenty of very positive ppl on this board. Welcome and congrats!!!!
  12. I take childrens chewable multi vitamins. I have had no issues with them. Hope this helps.
  13. My only pain came from the gas or air they pumped in to make sure nothing leaked. Other than that it was pretty painless.
  14. It is a concern. Four days after my surgery I was coaching football. My oldest told on me and I got in trouble. lol I would just follow the guidelines that your surgeon gives you and you will be fine.