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    I am an American living in Norway. I found out I am to get my VS surgery in May 2010.
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    I love to draw and vlog.
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    Helping the Elderly
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  1. PhatmanWalkin

    I Was Sleeved On 02/22/12.

    I am glad to hear you are sleeved! Welcome to the gang! When I first started out, it took me awhile to eat as well. The liquid diet was easiest but when I started encorportating real food, it took me a good while...like 45 mins to an hour. Just wanted to be safe I guess. The gas comes and goes, so no worries. You will discover some foods give you more than others...just take not of what bothers you most. As for the drainage, I never had to change any other bandage than my drain bandage...that I changed for at least a week post op. I wish you well and as they say here in Norway, god bedring (get well soon) Rob
  2. PhatmanWalkin

    Pre-Op Appt Today

    I wish you well and hope you have the results I have had. Nerves are part of it but trust me, once those leave your system, you will be good to go! This is the right place to get all the good information. Keep us informed! Rob
  3. PhatmanWalkin

    Been Awhile

    Hey all, It has been forever since I have been in here. Why? Cannot really tell you all, but I have been successfull in keeping all of my weightloss lost LOL! I had the VSG May 10th, 2010 and went from 277lbs to 175lbs. I have managed to keep the weight off...even in my "down" period. Got rebellious after suffering a hand injury. I had a rough last few month but am back on track now. I hope everyone else is well. I will update more later...this is just a flyby for now. Hard to type when ya have 4 kids looking for daddy's attention LOL! peace! Rob
  4. PhatmanWalkin

    An update

    I did not realized I had been gone from this forum for so long. I have actually started realizing how much I missed the support and resources here. I am glad to report that since my surgery May 10th,2010 I have gone from 253lbs down to 176lbs. I am nearing the "normal" BMI but I believe that I will not reach it only because I do not want to be that thin. I believe I will hold my weight at 175 and forgo that extra 10lbs. I feel great!!! I have gone from wearing size 46 waisted jeans to 34's and they are getting loose on me too. From 2XL shirts to Medium. I do P90X and other exercise on a regular basis and am getting good muscle tone. Stronger, faster, leaner than I was ever even at 17years old. I am greatful for my surgery. I have stopped all my diabetics meds months ago and have reduced my BP meds too. 2011 will not include a weightloss goal...for this I am proud and greatful.
  5. PhatmanWalkin

    2 Months Post-Op

    Hey everyone. WOW, it has been forever (little over 1 month in internet world). I just wanted to update everyone on the weightloss and stuff. I weighed in on the 10th of May at 253lbs. I weighed in today the 21st of July at 211lbs I can definatelly tell and I will post pics soon. I have gone from wearing a size 46 to wearing a 38 pants. I feel like the past 2 weeks my energy has finally come back...infact it has come back 4xs over. I actually even ran for the first time in about 20 years. It feels GREAT! Everyone who said it gets better, is not lying. Thanks to everyone for your support!
  6. PhatmanWalkin

    Not sure if I am doing this right.

    Can someone tell me if you all tracked your calories and proteins the whole time in your first month?? I feel sort of lost and feel like I am failing. I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and see if I can get a blood work up just to check it out. I feel ok generally and can get a lot of general, but not to heavy, housework. I do feel as if I lose all my energy or have a massive dizzy spell. I think I am getting in enough and I take childrens liquid vitamins for a bit longer. I start normal food this coming week, but feel like I will still be chewing it down to a puree consistancy in my mouth before it goes down. On a good note, my wounds are healing fine, I still feel it sometimes...and those times I back off. I am up to a mile and a half walking but not everyday. ANY words of advice and wisdom are appreciated, Thanks Rob
  7. PhatmanWalkin

    Bowels anyone have issues?

    Fighting with this issue...been a few days and I am starting to be conserned. I live in Norway, so I am not sure what they have at the pharmacy for these things...you cannot buy the fiber products at the grocery store....silly huh? I can try the prune juice, but I am trying to keep my blood sugars down too. Anyone have any other advice, let me know. Thanks, Rob
  8. PhatmanWalkin

    Week 2 Update

    I have lost another 3kgs. So total loss in kgs is 9kgs, in lbs that translates to 20lbs!! I am up to 20 minute walks...and wanting to do more. My first soft foods began today as well. I have fish and veggies planned for dinner. It will probably be my dinner for tomorrow as well - hehe waste not want not right? I do have to admit I am fuller A LOT faster than with fluids. The tastes of hot cereal and a yogurt were explosive. I need to buy protein powder to add to my meals, but I am just happy to be off the fluids. My woulds are healing good and the patches came off today as well. I have one left from the drainage hole, but that has also stopped bleeding so it is just a lil time now before I am patch free. =D Any advice or food ideas for this pureed stage is WELCOME. Trying to keep the carbs out of the diet right now, especially after I had a lil elevated (still norm but on the high end) blood sugars with the cereal. Thanks all!!! Rob
  9. PhatmanWalkin

    Date has been set !!!!!

    Awesome you got your date!! That is just 3 days before my birthday! It will go like lightening. What is it like 3 weeks away. WOOSH! My prayers and positive thoughts will be with you that day! Rob
  10. PhatmanWalkin

    My Reasons For My Sleeve

    Here are some pics of my lil ones and me. I am the main reason for having the surgery, but THEY are also a reason to do it. =)
  11. PhatmanWalkin

    May 12

    HAHA I totally could relate to this and laughed when I read this thread! I had my operation ont he 10th(Monday) and they told me I could leave on that Friday. I asked how long is it before I poop, and they said if you are passing gas it will come, no worries. LOL. I was worried. Friday 1 hour before I left the hospital it happened. I was so proud HA! I told the nurse right away and she told me "Thanks for that information, but it is really not necessary to report it to me" LOL! Anyway, I knew exactly what you meant. :thumbup: Glad you are home. Good luck and God Bless Rob
  12. PhatmanWalkin

    Down 13lbs in my first week.

    I am down 13lbs in my first week. I had one episode of throwing up when I tried to crush a mulitvitamin. Talkin about leaving a bad taste in your mouth EWWW! I have since stayed with taking a childs vitamin at an adult dose. It lacks the minerals that I am sure are essential. I am going to call the doctors office today to ask more about it. My multiv. is a bit larger or right at the size of an M&M so am skeptical if it will go down properly. I am drinking soups, water, and protein shakes. I go for walks and help with very light stuff around the house. I think my drainage tube site is finally closing because it did not drain blood or fluid last night - sorry hope you weren't eating when I said that. Should I be doing more? I need to read more here and get soem ideas.:confused: Peace, Rob
  13. PhatmanWalkin

    Need Protein Help - Fluids Stage

    Hey there, GoodLife =D Thanks for your response - I do have access to protein shakes here and I am drinking on as we speak. From what I understand for every deciliter(100ml) I get 10g protein. I have to intake 1.5dl everyday, and more if I can sip past it :tongue_smilie:. I just bought the lactose free milk here and it has just 3.3g protein per 100ml. I did try a chicken soup recipe that was actually really good. Here lemme share 30oz of Rotissere Chicken 1c milk -I added soy sauce for flavour YUM! Anyway, I do have to explore other drinks and food I can liquify on Monday when the stores open again. My surgery date was the 10th of May, so tomorrow is my first weeks weigh in...I am very excited. I sent you a friendship invitation - Check my ticker for my next weight. Gonna update it to what it was when I was admitted last Sunday so it is current, and then I will update it tomorrow. What time zone are you in?
  14. PhatmanWalkin


    Well looky here!!! You look amazing 'D' - You are rockin that dress =D Big change from the before pick. Keep on keepin on.
  15. Hey All, Just call me lazy and that is the reason for this post. I am living in Norway and have no access to Isopure Protein Drinks, so I am lacking a bit on the protein side. I have been told not to worry so much about vitamins and protein during this stage, but then others have said otherwise. I did find a Chicken soup recipe I used last night that helped some I believe. Can I continue to just liquify chicken and fish and make soups of them? I had Type II Diabetes and have not seen a sign of it post op. AMEN! But, I do not want to drink to much milk in those protein shakes for the same reason. I was wanting to know if anyone had any ideas for me. Be creative, I love to cook, so anything would help. Appreciate comments, Rob:confused1:

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