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Not sure if I am doing this right.

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Can someone tell me if you all tracked your calories and proteins the whole time in your first month?? I feel sort of lost and feel like I am failing. I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and see if I can get a blood work up just to check it out. I feel ok generally and can get a lot of general, but not to heavy, housework. I do feel as if I lose all my energy or have a massive dizzy spell. I think I am getting in enough and I take childrens liquid vitamins for a bit longer. I start normal food this coming week, but feel like I will still be chewing it down to a puree consistancy in my mouth before it goes down. On a good note, my wounds are healing fine, I still feel it sometimes...and those times I back off. I am up to a mile and a half walking but not everyday.

ANY words of advice and wisdom are appreciated,



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Hi Rob,

I didn't track everything for the first month. I bought a 22 oz tumbler and morning, noon, and night I mixed about 8 oz water with 3 oz fruit juice and 1 scoop of Unjury unflavored protein powder, then filled the glass to the top with ice. By dividing the day into 3 segments and making sure to get at least 20 grams of protein in each third, I didn't have to worry about inadequate protein. When I started tracking more carefully, was when I was eating more solid foods because I wanted to know when I was getting enough protein to begin using less of the Unjury. Also, after about 4 weeks, I was able to eat more and I wanted to monitor my carbs and proteins to get a good idea what I was eating. Now I monitor only sporadically because I use 1 scoop of Unjury daily with my food, and I know that I'm getting enough protein.

I felt very tired, weak and sometimes a little dizzy for the first month. When I started eating mushies and getting in a few more calories, I started to feel much better. I had a "full liquid" diet for 4 weeks, and then "mushies" for another 4 weeks. I wasn't starting regular foods until 8 weeks out. It sounds like what you are experiencing is pretty normal for the first month. I think you will start to feel better very soon!

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