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  1. PhatmanWalkin

    2 Months Post-Op

    Hey everyone. WOW, it has been forever (little over 1 month in internet world). I just wanted to update everyone on the weightloss and stuff. I weighed in on the 10th of May at 253lbs. I weighed in today the 21st of July at 211lbs I can definatelly tell and I will post pics soon. I have gone from wearing a size 46 to wearing a 38 pants. I feel like the past 2 weeks my energy has finally come back...infact it has come back 4xs over. I actually even ran for the first time in about 20 years. It feels GREAT! Everyone who said it gets better, is not lying. Thanks to everyone for your support!
  2. PhatmanWalkin

    Down some pounds

    Hey everyone! It has been awhile since I have posted anything here, but I have been a busy guy. I have taken myself, in the past month from 270 down to 252lbs. I have been training nearly daily and on a lower calorie diet, that is TOTALLY doable. I feel great! Most days I feel like I am not sleeping enough. Mostly my own fault, but last night my body told me SLEEP - so much so that I fell asleep by 9pm LOL. I am taking my multivitamin and Omega 3s and have even reduced my diabetes meds already. Looking more forward to my surgery on May 7th, everyday! Just wanted to share my weight loss success. My BMI has gone from 43 to 40 - just loving it and what is to come post Sleeve! :biggrin0:
  3. Hey Allforone...The only person I know that had pain in their arm afterward was Barbara...she had a blood clot. If you suspect that, you should get it checked just in case. Welcome home and good luck with everything else. Rob
  4. PhatmanWalkin

    Waiting for it to be real

    I have found myself being a bit restless in waiting for my date to be set by my surgical team. Because my surgery is in May, I don't even know if they will set it up before March. I find that I am almost running up the maillady and saying, DID IT COME??? LOL! I dunno, just thinking that I would feel it would be more "REAL" if I had the letter in hand with a set date. I am doing well losing weight, slow but sure and it is staying off. I feel good about my decision and am glad to see so many satisfied "sleevers". Some day in the near future, my time too will come. :001_tt2:
  5. PhatmanWalkin

    New date

    Keep the faith...You CAN do this!!!
  6. PhatmanWalkin

    I'm gagging over here!

    Mini-me, You are in my prayers. I hope you find something that you can stomach and that you feel better soon. Rob
  7. PhatmanWalkin

    1 Week Post OP

    Good job...16 lbs in a week is sweet! I believe I will buy some fat free PB when I visit the USA in April since they do not have it here in Norway...just in case =) Good luck on more wt. loss to come Rob
  8. PhatmanWalkin

    Finished Psyc and Nutrition evaluation

    Good job, I am doing the same myself. I am trying pureed foods, working out, etc I want my head and heart in this fully! But I have decided for the surgery and months of waiting will not deter me. =) Good luck with everything.
  9. PhatmanWalkin

    I am sleeved!

    How goes life at work now Barb? Your arm doing better? Good to hear things like this with days ups and downs, so I can know what I can expect in the future. Rob
  10. I do not have surgery til May, but I want to wish all of you luck, especially you Bella. I hope you keep your weight down pre-op so there is no cancellation. I have wanted to do the same as you about dumping things out of my kitchen and dumping stuff out of the house. LOL...I have months to do it. My wife said that we should not dump out everything in the fridge and cupboard because they still live here and they will eat as before LOL...gonna have to be ok with this one I think. It will be fine. Again, good luck to everyone having there surgeries in the weeks to come. Peace, Rob
  11. Is there a strange feeling changing your diet like you and Linda did? I mean that literally, feeling as in headaches, nausea, etc.?
  12. PhatmanWalkin

    Here in Mexicali and sleeved

    YAY! It is done. I pray for you to have a safe and fast recovery. I am getting more excited for mine now. Keep us updated as you feel better. No pressure =) Rob

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