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  1. Lots Of Hope

    Do not try this early on!

    Thanks...I am 2 and1/2 months out also, and I feel completely healed! But I guess not!
  2. Lots Of Hope

    ZIPPIDEE DOO DAH First Post-Op Protein Shake

    Ok, I will bite... Sticky fingers?
  3. Lots Of Hope


    Thongs are not made for Polish butts! Question???? Why wear any at all when compared to the thong? I have only had one pair and I only wore it for about 2 minutes. I am not worried about panty lines. Everybody knows that I wear them. I guess they could feel and look sexy, if they were not painful for me. Also, who can feel sexy taking kids to practice, cleaning dishes, and watching spong bob?
  4. Nothing taste as good as thin feels. This is true. Also, at first after surgery, you just want to feel better and have more energy. Eating protein helps. Then you lose a little weight, it feels great, and it is easy with the protein. You feel the impact and severity of your choice for surgery and you stick with it. You may mess up a little and eat a cookie or chips, but you get over it and back on tract.I have learned that the sleeve is not fail proof. It is still a mind game, however the feeling of fullness makes it A LOT easier. Good luck!
  5. Lots Of Hope


    Congratulations! On the size pants and the new hubby!
  6. Lots Of Hope

    My First Cry

    Way to go! Clean away!!!
  7. Lots Of Hope

    Hard couple of weeks

    This does sound frusterating! However, you do need to LIVE through bleeding and complications first.....then you can have the luxury to lose weight. Please be kind to yourself. Don't lose sight on what's most important! Trust your body to know when it needs to protect itself.
  8. Lots Of Hope

    My First Cry

    [ Awesome! Great words! quote name=Shea' timestamp='1310484997' post='178196] Sista girl hold your beautiful head up. Men are who they are and they aren't going to change. What has to change is you and your tolerance for their actions. There are plenty of men who love voluptuous women. What this young man is looking for is "sex" and if the thinks he can get it from you then he will try, same for your cousin. If he was real about either one of you then there wouldnt be a second option it would be about you and only you or your cousin and only your cousin. Notice although you're getting smaller he isnt wanting you as far as a relationship, he wants your body, which means he's not worth your time, conversation, or tears. I'm glad you shut him down because when a man realizes you love and respect yourself, regardless of your weight you demand respect from men, he will give you just that or not bother you. A lot of men dont show attention because they are intimidated. This guy knew you from before so he felt comfortable trying you, and seeing how far you would allow him to go. Real men know how to approach, talk, be real, and be sincere to a woman. Dont let one guys words lower anything about yourself. If he likes your cousin better, that means he's not meant for you and which is best, because dear heart you deserve the best there is to offer. I have to say that your mom has a misconception of attraction. Beauty fades but someones spirit follows the person regardless of their outward appearance. For many men it's all about how you carry yourself, and how you make your curves look like waves in the ocean, inviting and smooth. There's good attention and bad attention, and the more weight you lose the more bad attention you will attract because now you are visually appealing to the majority, but still hold your feminity, grace, and uphold your highest standards and that real man, the man that will notice the color of your eyes, notice the strides in your walk, the curve of your lips, and will say this woman makes my heart skip of beat, not because she's thin but because she's a lady, a diamond, rare and hard to find, someone to keep for life. This is what you wait for, this is what you expect, and this is what you will get. You will only get what you think you deserve!! Take care!
  9. Lots Of Hope

    New to this forum

    I am apart of many surgical teams ( anesthetists) and I love to pray with my patients if they ask. I pray anyways to myself and KNOW our LORD has His hand on my shoulder throughout the case. We are so lucky to be Christians.
  10. Lots Of Hope

    My First Cry

    Real men that are worth considering won't care! Looks will always be the first impression, however there are more to looks than size...ie. Smile, hair , how you hold yourself, etc. For me it is hard to see the people who treAt me differently bc I am thinner bc i am afraid that I might gain it back...will they go back to ignoring me? Maybe. Anyways, it suck that this guy treated you poorly and I am sorry you got hurt. Btw..second best on what or whose scale? .... The scale some slimey guy has? Most likely you bruised his huge ego so he had to recover some how. You need to be your favorite and someday you will be THE RIGHT guys favorite and first. You mom is wrong...fat girl is like saying blue eye girl......it only tells one very small part of someone. What idiot would choose someone based on eye color only? Or shoe size ? However, I know I act different when I am thinner towards people. Smile. Your perfect!!! For those who deserve you!
  11. I had to self pay bc I didn't have comorbidities for more than a year...I didn't want them to get worse so I had to
  12. Nope, just 10 days. I have not done great on my diet though. I always get in my protein, but carbs are always too high. I am soooooo tired of limiting myself. It never worked before in the long term, and not now either. I am still losing, just slower than most everybody else.
  13. Started preop diet on 4-28 at 194. Sleeved on 5-6. So that puts me at about 10 weeks. I have lost 32 lbs. It's a mind game to lose weight still because i am never hungry. Good Luck
  14. Lots Of Hope

    Going to slap my husband....

    Head lock!!!!!
  15. Lots Of Hope

    Calling all May Sleevers!

    Week 9 from surgery(+2 wks pr op) and have lost 34 lbs. I have 42 lbs to go until goal. I have not done perfect as i had hoped, but still trying. How is everybody else doing ?