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  1. Hi , anybody have Dr. Braverman in OC?
  2. Lots Of Hope

    My First Cry

    Real men that are worth considering won't care! Looks will always be the first impression, however there are more to looks than size...ie. Smile, hair , how you hold yourself, etc. For me it is hard to see the people who treAt me differently bc I am thinner bc i am afraid that I might gain it back...will they go back to ignoring me? Maybe. Anyways, it suck that this guy treated you poorly and I am sorry you got hurt. Btw..second best on what or whose scale? .... The scale some slimey guy has? Most likely you bruised his huge ego so he had to recover some how. You need to be your favorite and someday you will be THE RIGHT guys favorite and first. You mom is wrong...fat girl is like saying blue eye girl......it only tells one very small part of someone. What idiot would choose someone based on eye color only? Or shoe size ? However, I know I act different when I am thinner towards people. Smile. Your perfect!!! For those who deserve you!
  3. Lots Of Hope

    Calling all May Sleevers!

    Week 9 from surgery(+2 wks pr op) and have lost 34 lbs. I have 42 lbs to go until goal. I have not done perfect as i had hoped, but still trying. How is everybody else doing ?
  4. OK, I will share the title of The Official Slowest Loser. One month out 10lbs. I did add jiff peanut butter to my diet, and that maybe broke my stall. At least the scale is going down. Slow and steady ! I do gave hypothyroidism , but my levels are normal.
  5. Hi all, I remember Lindora told me once that pain medication, with or without narcotics can decrease weight loss. Has anybody seen this happen ? I am thinking possibly water retention, and maybe a temporary decrease in metabolism. I am starting to get a migraine and don't want to ruin my weight loss.
  6. Lots Of Hope

    What was your turning point?

    I am sorry about your dad. I am happy for you and your kids! Great Job MOM!
  7. Ok..my surgery date was Friday May 6, almost three weeks and I am still 180 ish ( up 1 down 1) I am following my dr plan exactly. I am on mushys, getting 64 oz water and walking 45 min a day.........I tried going up a little with fat, ...with cals.....now what? I am afraid I will not lose any weight, or not as much as I want. I expected around 10 lbs a month. Is this reasonable? Uggggg anyone else have a stall right in the beginning? I am really disappointed. It effects my whole day and additude.
  8. Lots Of Hope

    Stinking stall

    Promise? Seems like most lose some weight first.
  9. Lots Of Hope

    Day 10 Post Op

    Hi Michelle, I am 14 days out today. Just a couple a head of you. I have only lost 4 lbs due to the ugly stall, but I also had the day three surprise of an extra period. I feel like I should be fully operational, because I have no pain. However, I am not. I slept all day yesterday and I could not help it. My sweet children kept asking if I was sick...and I am not, just really tired all day. I push it when I have too, but other wise I just rest. I feel guilty because my husband worked so hard all day long to find my sleeping, but it's the best I can do. Everybody tells me it gets better. I am usually not a lazy person, but that is how I feel. So, you are not alone. At least we are lucky enough to get to rest when we need. Lol
  10. Ok, I had surgery last Friday. I am now 10 days post op and the scale is the same! I hate that stupid scale! How can I stall when I have not even stared loosing weight yet? I have only500 ish cals, 80-100g protein, 64 oz water, < 10 g carbs. I exercise 40 min a day. I would so quit if I did not just have surgery. Anybody else's body stubborn like mine............stupid scale!!
  11. Lots Of Hope


    Hi, I felt that way for four days post op. Absolutly miserable ! Call you Dr. If you can! Always better safe then sorry. Any fever? Fluids in and out ok? Deep breathing hurt?
  12. Lots Of Hope

    Surgery in the Morning!

    Hi all, good luck for your surgery tomorrow! Mine was one week ago and I am doing great! Please use me if you need to b$&)(' or for info. I promise I won't tell you just to stay positive, but tell you how I was feeling after also. However, i will pray that you won't need anyone to complain to because you will not be in any pain. Either way, fellow sister sleevers are also here! We are all so blesses to even get this opportunity to live longer and better!
  13. Lots Of Hope

    Loss for words

    Hi, mine is on Friday. I do understand. I am very excited, nervous, impatient, grouchy, scared, obsessed with thinking about it, etc etc. I just keep reading other peoples post. It's hard not to be a little crazy with this. It's going to be life changing and that is big. My husband reminds me that I always resist change, and this is what it is....that is exactly what we want. We also know that we have a lot of hard work ahead of us, and that can seem overwhelming to those with already crazy lives. I hope this helps and I am not way off. Good luck, I am right here with you.
  14. Thanks , You are all in my prayers! I also need yours.
  15. Lots Of Hope


    My kids and husband still get all the junk they need, but outside of the house. Maybe just ask him for help until your cravings are better, or pick the junk you don't like. My family is having pizza right now, and before my husband ordered, he ask me if I would like to go and take a nice relaxing bath. I got the hint, so here it am. Let me know if you find something that works for you. I don't think it's about will power at first, it's about learning how to be the most successful you can be with your life and personality. Good Luck. I am struggling along side ya!
  16. Lots Of Hope


    Did you say key lime pound cake? Ok...positive affirmations ladies!!!!!
  17. Lots Of Hope


    Get a big black trash bag and stuff it all in there!!! If he runs....chase him...it will be good exercise. Sort of kidding. I have to t hrow out a lot of food that my husband buys bc I can't handle it. I am only prep so I am sure that iis really hard . Ask him what color swimsuit he want to see you in..then say if he does, he needs to eat it in the garage.

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