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    cynthiap05 reacted to Ed_NW in Changed mind about WLS?   
    I WISH I could've tricked myself into thinking I was a health nut that ate right and worked out all the time. Unfortunately that's not possible. It's called yo-yo dieting and is the reason most people on this forum opted for WLS. Once you get to a point where you are tired of failing at fad diets and your health has deteriorated to a point that only drastic measures will work, then you will be ready to consider WLS. It's a serious reminder/tool that you were in a bad place and an early death was imminent.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to sillykitty in To tell coworkers or not?   
    I am over a very large group of people. I have only told two,people at work I consider friends, neither of whom I manage. I would counsel against telling those who work for you and to keep it to a small very trustworthy group if you do decide to share with anyone at work.
    The way I look at it this decision is very personal, as are the struggles we have been through to get us here. It is not anyone’s business other than our own and our loved ones. I certainly don’t feel it’s the business of those who report to me. This journey is hard enough without opening yourself up to judgement from those whom you have a professional relationship with. IMO it is all downside with very little upside.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to SydneySleever in To tell coworkers or not?   
    I’ve only told close family. For me I couldn’t think of a good enough reason to tell colleagues. Will they help me in achieving my goals? Not likely. Do I value their opinions on health issues? Nope. Do they need to know? Absolutely not. Will it make it hard to work with them if they say something offensive? Absolutely. I like to keep things simple, so I kept work out of it.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to allwet in To tell coworkers or not?   
    I would not tell anyone at this point. You dont need there approval or opinions. Decide at a future date what to say if anything at all. it will be months before they will know something is different with you and you can decide at that time what to say and to whom.
    Remember you can never untell someone
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    cynthiap05 reacted to lex2287 in Keeping Surgery Secret   
    I have kept mine a secret as well and I’m almost 5 months post-op. My parents and 2 very close friends that have also had the surgery are the only ones that know.. people have noticed my weight loss.. and that I have been eating better and exercising more. I have no regrets about keeping my decision private.. I am like you, from a small town and people talk too much..
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    cynthiap05 reacted to Babbs in Phentermine AFTER surgery?!   
    I have heard of some doctors prescribing it several years out for regain, but not to help get to goal, no.
    Look, people love to trash Phentermine on these forums, but I just look at it as just another tool in the fight against obesity. So what if there's several different tools needed to get there? If it's doctor supervised, I see no problem with it?
    I also find it extremely hypocritical that people who have turned to major surgery to lose weight can poo poo a weight loss drug.
    I've been maintaining my weight now for well over a year, but if for some reason I felt I needed to take these drugs to stop regain or take regain off, you bet your bottom I would.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to BuffaloBill in Just ate a lot - scared   
    That's still not alot tho. Think about how u used to be before surgery. It was probably 2 sandwiches and hash browns and coffee/drink. Your still ok I wouldn't be worried

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    cynthiap05 reacted to Missytee in Can’t stop crying   
    I been thinking about it. I don’t want to be with someone who is not supportive. It really doesn’t help.

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    cynthiap05 reacted to Doreen0716 in Can’t stop crying   
    Maybe its time to reevaluate ur relationship

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    cynthiap05 reacted to Doreen0716 in Can’t stop crying   
    Im sorry ur having these issues, are u up walking every hour to ease the pain ?? , i live alone my boyfriend has his one place so i didnt have anyone here to help me as he had to work, im the firm believer i can do this on my iwn i dont need his help therefore i get up and do what i need to do for me to be a better me, some people dont know how to act or feel about changes we are making they get insecure

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    cynthiap05 reacted to Lifechanger2137 in Had my surgery!!   
    Well I had my surgery last Friday when I got out of surgery it hurt so bad I told my wife it was not worth it tell them to put my stomach back LMAO!!! But now I am not in so much pain just got to get use to eating slower because it makes me feel sick but I must say in a week I have went from 456 pounds to 419 pounds and counting can't wait to hit 399
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    cynthiap05 reacted to VSGAnn2014 in Drip Drip Drip.....Ugh!   
    Nope, didn't have a drippy nose.
    And for a minute there, I thought this thread was about incontinence.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to Kindle in Anyone taking NSAIDS or steroids postop   
    Well I heard back from Dr. So at OCC already (I swear, that man never takes a day off!). He said NSAIDS are fine, just to take Prilosec OTC while on them. That's pretty much what I figured, but it's nice to get confirmation. I'll likely pick up some Celebrex tomorrow.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to gwbicster in When does the light shine   
    It gets better, but slowly. I am at week 10 and I still have struggles, but they are less and less. In the meantime, as the payoff for my struggles, I have lost 78 pounds. I can stand up without exhaustion and walk every day on my treadmill and people don't look at me like I'm an alien anymore. So it's worth it.

    Those people who say this is the "easy way out", just don't know. Keep on keeping on!
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    cynthiap05 reacted to Marblicious in Sliming with VSG?   
    I can only tell you how I feel, never having had the band. But I was sleeved about 7 weeks ago now. You definitely know when you are full. Especially if you take your time to eat. I have had only one incident when I ate too much and that was very uncomfortable, I felt that I needed to throw up but couldn't and a little foamy like stuff came up which I had to spit out. I couldn't eat anything else for the rest of the day. I didn't feel like food was stuck, but more like if i kept eating it would fill up my esophagus as my stomach was out of space. Not very pleasant at all.
    I don't feel like I can't eat anything, I just need to eat small amounts.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to blizair09 in Not at Goal Weight   
    My recommendation is to get back to basics. Get your carbs below 25 grams per day, get your calories back to around 1200 or so, and get your Protein around 100 grams. Keep your Water at 64 oz or more. Track everything you eat and drink to make sure you are hitting these macros. If you are doing that, and getting some exercise each day, there is no reason to think that you won't start losing again.
    Remember that the sleeve is not a magic wand. You have to change your relationship with food, and embrace this lifestyle of good eating in order to be successful long-term.
    Good luck!
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    cynthiap05 reacted to DS1 in Not at Goal Weight   
    80lbs is Amazing btw. The article kind of implies to go back to basics which i'm sure you've heard. Try not to be so discouraged. You've accomplished something truly amazing. 170 is pretty good. If i get there by next year, i'd be golden. I suspect that you've likely put on some muscle as well. Take a look at the 1st article.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to blizair09 in Where are all the October 2016 sleevers   
    I was sleeved on September 28, 2016. As of today, I have lost 194 pounds, and I have about 23 pounds to go until goal. I am eating around 1200-1300 calories per day now, 120-130 grams of Protein, and less than 20 carbs per day. I am trucking right along, and hope to be at goal by the end of the summer.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to KaiserKid in Where are all the October 2016 sleevers   
    November 2016 sleever here (so pretty close to you). I've lost like 45lbs, have 25-30 to go.

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    cynthiap05 reacted to Katerbug1 in Where are all the October 2016 sleevers   
    How are you all coming along?? Have you reached your goal weight? How are you doing with your eating?
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    cynthiap05 reacted to blizair09 in Importance of a personal advocate after surgery   
    I'm 41 (40 on surgery day), and, trust me, my mama was sitting right next to me the whole time. She would have gone into the OR if they would have let her. (And I wouldn't have had it any other way...)
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    cynthiap05 reacted to Navigating the Wilderness in Importance of a personal advocate after surgery   
    That is so typical in hospitals. I have had 6 previous surgeries and one of them left me in the same state as you. This time around when I got to my room I felt I might be able to pee a bit and got up. The nurses tried to restrain me from urinating until they had a bed pan because it was a liability to have me walking so soon after surgery. I gently moved them aside and went for a glorious piss. I did not want to wait for the bedpan because I was afraid I might have a shy bladder and moving my mass to urinate in a jug would have been complicated.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to Nynjesq in Importance of a personal advocate after surgery   
    I was sleeved on May 1st. Had some problems waking my bladder up. I had to be straight catheterized twice. They ended up putting in a Foley catheter which made me miserable. One of the volunteers from my surgery group who had the surgery came to visit me. I explained what was going on. She said to tell them you want to stay another night and push the issue. On top of that, my mother was pushing me to stay another night. Of course, I wanted out!
    I finally came to my senses and realized I didn't want to have a catheter for a week. I said I want to stay. The resident who was on call said they wouldn't let me stay for a catheter. Then when I argued she got defensive and brought back another doctor. Again, the volunteer came back and intervened. The next thing I knew, she had my surgeon come back to the hospital.
    My surgeon (who I absolutely love) came and talked to me. He suggested we take out the catheter, stay another night and see if I could urinate. If not, I would go home with the catheter. I agreed.
    At around midnight, I started to go on my own! I am so glad I didn't have to come home with a catheter. The moral of the story is you have to have someone in your corner to fight for you. I'm so glad for the volunteer from my surgical group.
    Also at 39, I realized that Mom still also knows best!
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    cynthiap05 reacted to MzCoffee in Don't read if you will be triggered -Sad & upsetting post about a needless death   
    A terrible, terrible thing happened today in our apartment building.
    A fire broke out - no one knows how yet - in the apartment of an elderly couple.
    We were all evacuated, even though it was in a different wing of the building (3 different elevator banks & we're adjacent) in part b/c we have a child & in part b/c this is NYC and fires move fast b/c the buildings are so close & often without firewalls.
    The guys who work in our building are truly amazing & they were able to get out the wife, but the man - an elderly, sick man who was weak & needed a lot of help to move around plus a walker - was too heavy for three of the building staff to pick up and move. It was incredibly smoky & hot & eventually they just had to retreat from the apartment & leave that poor man there by himself, obviously desperately hoping the firefighters would get there in time. They didn't. One of our maintenance guys - who is both very tough & very kind literally had his face blackened with soot & was in tears because he couldn't lift the man up & out of the bed. The poor man tried to lift himself & couldn't. My father who was a strong athlete, was also very, very weak at the end of his life so I know how impossible it must have been for that elderly man to move himself - but three maintenance guys couldn't move him either because he was too heavy.
    My wife knew him - they were on our co-op board together & I didn't even know him by sight. She says that we have to recognize that we have no control over how our lives will end, we can do our best but in the end it is not always up to us. In the Jewish tradition every year on Yom Kippur, our holiest day and the time when we repent & promise to try harder to do better in the upcoming year, the Bible reminds us that some will die in the upcoming year, some peacefully ad some "in fire" and that we don't know what will happen to us, it is in G-d's hands, not ours. We can only control trying to be the best possible person that each of us can be, but I feel so personally helpless today. And of course, I am thinking that everyone keeps saying that the man who perished in the fire was at least 300 pounds - close to my weight - which was why they couldn't move him when they most needed and wanted to do so.
    I keep thinking about everyone's feelings of helplessness & despair here, and how so many people tried to change the outcome and couldn't.
    This has just been so heart-breaking & upsetting and I have just felt so sad & awful about this all day. I am praying that he was unconscious from the smoke quickly, so that he didn't have a long time to know what was happening to him and obviously so that he didn't die in terrible pain. We will do whatever we can for his poor wife and for the workers in our building who are clearly traumatized by this. But that doesn't really change any of it, does it?
    It's the first time I've really experienced first-hand how one's weight can literally be the difference between life & death, and how it can deeply affect others around you as well.
    Thanks for a space where I can just write some of the sadness down. May the memory of Leon Gold be for a blessing.
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    cynthiap05 reacted to resitton in Kinda OT: What do you guys think of Mama June's news headlines about her VGS & Body Lift?   
    I watched the series and think it did a great job portraying WLS- she made her Protein Shakes and fixed dinner for her kids- showed her food addiction, even going to a support group for it (after surgery) this is no easy fix and it showed that people battle food issues in their life. The body lift surgery pain- that one got me- and depression of changes... yep- I was not a Honey Boo Boo fan, but liked this one- it's a reality show- but for what it was- it did a decent job. I will just say the comment about her legs and arms.... weightloss surgery doesn't make your body look like a models... everyone is different. She is healthier!

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