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    Was sleeved on September 27, 2011

    I was sleeved on the 27th of September....Surgery lasted 1 hour. When I woke up first thing I wanted to look at was my incision i was given 6 . They are not that ad doctor did a good job... I was then wheeled in to my room The nursing staff were great took really good care of me I slept most of the day the only thing i did do was vomit blood i Kind of freaked out but it was normal it was due to the Anastesia and that's probably the only thing i had in my system at that time. The nurse gave me som notious medication which worked great...I was asked to walk which i did once with the nurse- Once with my Husband and Once by myself on the first day.... I had nothing to eat the only hassle was calling the nurse every hour to disconnect my leg pumps and my iv so that I could go use the restroom by myself.. after that on the second day they finally let me drink some water a shot of water withing 30 minutes.. I had to sip that water down in 30 minutes for the rest of the day.. then the Doctor came by to release me and went home drinking my water for the rest of the day and some Isopure as well..... 1st morning at home was good i was walking drinking my clear liquids as well as the 2nd day of surgery on the 3rd day of surgery I went to my daughters softball game and did really good I have not been taking no pain medication since I have been home I have just been taking it easy . I felt I needed to go to see her game which was good because I actually walked. On sunday i relaxed at home and on monday the 3rd of october I went back to work lie a normal regular work day .. I feal great I am just not lifting nothing heavy and trying to stay in my offce and drink my liquids and vitamins and walk every hour atleast around the office.. I just feal great.. I really tought it was going to be worse then what it really is.... The only problem that I have had is that I have not had a bowel movement since the surgery but i am now at stage two which is where i will be eating 1/2 cup of strained cream soup and 1/2 cup of sugar free pudding and sugar free yougurt... so hopefully by wednesday i will have my first stool... Excited.. I started my journey weighing 214.lbs and today i weighed myself at 203.6 which is great I am super excited.......
  2. zanabreana

    Post-op Pain

    Congratulations... My surgery date is scheduled for the 29th of...this month....as-well I am a little nervous about going back to work and what to expect the first 4 days after surgery....10.3 pounds is awesome...Pokey where are you having your surgery at?
  3. zanabreana


    Thank you I am really excited..... It's just making sure i am taking the right amount of Protein that is waht i am working on and cutting alot of those calories and getting on a work-out routine

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