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    I am a college student, mom of 2, and married. I have been overweight the majority of my adult life and decided to get surgery to be healthy! I am excited to be on this journey with you and I can't wait to fit in single digit clothes!
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    traveling, spending time with my family and having a girl night out once in a while.
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  1. healthierme72


    Weight in at 162 Got my water intake in and going to gym 3 plus times! 10 more lb s to go!
  2. healthierme72


    Name, real or screen~ healthyby40 Goal weight for September 30th~ 152 Weight on September 1st~ 164 (August 30) Age~ 41 City/State~ LA, CA Dietary goal for September~ vitamins, water intake to 10 cups a day!!! Cut crap food, sm. Portions. Exercise goal for September~ Go to the gym at least 3 times a week Personal goal for September~ Try to relax, not to stress, complete diary on myfitness Date banded~ May 31, 2011 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 50 pounds
  3. healthierme72

    2 yrs since lap band need help

    Yes, I must say they have motivated me. I have been to the gym 4 TIMES already. Doing zumba, weights, and spin. Plus, I have been journaling my food and trying to read this forum more often..
  4. healthierme72

    2 yrs since lap band need help

    I am in need of motivation and encouragement too. I was banded almost one year and half. I have recently gained 14 lbs over the last 6 mths. This is after my 3rd fill? I realize my habits have changed and I realize I need to focus on my diet and exercise.
  5. healthierme72

    May Day

    I was banded in May 2011, I got down to 145 in Sept. And now up to 159. I need some encouragement to get motivated and back on track.
  6. healthierme72


    I drink a glass of wine at least 3 days,a week. I love red wine! Enjoy a glass of wine once in a while.
  7. healthierme72


  8. I can't believe I am in the 150's it's been over 20 yrs since I was even near that number. I am feeling good and only have 20 lbs to go! :-)

  9. Thanks for your replies...I keep my calories at 1000 a day, so this week I actually raised it to 1200 and 1400 cal. Funny thing is I lost 2 lbs just in a few days. I think, I may hold off from the fill and give me another month to lose. If I don't lost 6 to 8 lbs in a month then I will schedule for a fill. I just feel I should really try exercise more, keep up with my water and up my protein. since the surgery I have not eaten any bread, pasta, rice or carbonated drinks. I eliminated them and it is going on 9 months now. I don't miss them. wish me luck! I am going to step it up and try to lose this last,20 lbs.
  10. I am scheduled for a fill on tuesday and I am not sure if I want one. 2 weeks ago, I had,an appt with doctor and he said that I have lost 54% of my excess weight and I am ahead of the curve and doing great! . I am now 159 and fitting in size 8, however, I have been experiencing stuck feelings and shoulder pain when I eat in the a.m. but, I have been grazing alot,lately and been feeling hungry. I have also hit plateau and have not lost any weight since Oct. I so want to lost 20 more lbs but, I am afraid I might be too tight and don't want to experience any negative effects. So, far I am 9 months,out and have not vomited or experienced anything bad. What do u think?
  11. I have had the lap band for 6 mths and I lost weight pretty slow and steady. I kept track of everything I ate and weight dropped slowly but, I was happy. I lost a total of 40 lbs....I had a second fill in Sept. and since then only lost 10 lbs. But, with the holidays and family visiting and alot of yummy food around, I stopped keeping track of my food intake and protein and have not lost anything since Oct. I did have a lot of stress going on and I realize what I need to do. I have also noticed lately that I have been feeling a pain in my left shoulder when I eat. I have two questions for you, are you struggling with your sticking to your lapband lifestyle during the holidays? and do any of you have a pain in the left side chest area when you eat? (i am not sure if it is due to my bites being to big, but it is bothersome. I got my 2nd fill in Sept and did not feel this restriction until now. Does your band get tighter months after you get a fill? (or) I am probably eating too big of bites and too much.) Also, what are your new year resolutions? I really need to get back on the wagon and need some encouragement. The good thing is I have not gained weight, but, I still need to lose another 33 lbs.
  12. healthierme72

    The Turkey Challenge

    I am joining late...please put this post as my first weight. I really need to focus and lose weight before the holidays. I have been in a stand still for over a month. Name, real or screen~ healtierme 72 Age~ 39 Weight on November 1st~ 167 Goal Weight for November 29th~ 159 Exercise Goal for November~ exercise 4-5 days a week Dietary Goal for November~ watch my portion sizes and drink more Water intake. Personal Goal for November~ be more thankful and positive. Date Banded~ May 31, 2011 Total Weight Loss Since Banding~ 40
  13. healthierme72

    The Very Scary Halloween Challenge

    165....i didn't work hard enough. Stressful month. I need to focus more. Congrats to all who loss weight.
  14. healthierme72

    The Very Scary Halloween Challenge

    165....i didn't work hard enough. Stressful month. I need to focus more. Congrats to all who loss weight.
  15. healthierme72

    The Very Scary Halloween Challenge

    I have a had a few challenges this week. Out of town family who were visiting, I have been so distracted with midterms. So the scale didn't move for me. They just left, and hopefully I cam stay focused.

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