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    Weight in at 162 Got my water intake in and going to gym 3 plus times! 10 more lb s to go!
  2. healthierme72


    Name, real or screen~ healthyby40 Goal weight for September 30th~ 152 Weight on September 1st~ 164 (August 30) Age~ 41 City/State~ LA, CA Dietary goal for September~ vitamins, water intake to 10 cups a day!!! Cut crap food, sm. Portions. Exercise goal for September~ Go to the gym at least 3 times a week Personal goal for September~ Try to relax, not to stress, complete diary on myfitness Date banded~ May 31, 2011 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 50 pounds
  3. healthierme72

    2 yrs since lap band need help

    Yes, I must say they have motivated me. I have been to the gym 4 TIMES already. Doing zumba, weights, and spin. Plus, I have been journaling my food and trying to read this forum more often..
  4. healthierme72

    2 yrs since lap band need help

    I am in need of motivation and encouragement too. I was banded almost one year and half. I have recently gained 14 lbs over the last 6 mths. This is after my 3rd fill? I realize my habits have changed and I realize I need to focus on my diet and exercise.
  5. healthierme72

    May Day

    I was banded in May 2011, I got down to 145 in Sept. And now up to 159. I need some encouragement to get motivated and back on track.
  6. healthierme72


    I drink a glass of wine at least 3 days,a week. I love red wine! Enjoy a glass of wine once in a while.
  7. healthierme72


  8. I can't believe I am in the 150's it's been over 20 yrs since I was even near that number. I am feeling good and only have 20 lbs to go! :-)

  9. Thanks for your replies...I keep my calories at 1000 a day, so this week I actually raised it to 1200 and 1400 cal. Funny thing is I lost 2 lbs just in a few days. I think, I may hold off from the fill and give me another month to lose. If I don't lost 6 to 8 lbs in a month then I will schedule for a fill. I just feel I should really try exercise more, keep up with my water and up my protein. since the surgery I have not eaten any bread, pasta, rice or carbonated drinks. I eliminated them and it is going on 9 months now. I don't miss them. wish me luck! I am going to step it up and try to lose this last,20 lbs.
  10. I am scheduled for a fill on tuesday and I am not sure if I want one. 2 weeks ago, I had,an appt with doctor and he said that I have lost 54% of my excess weight and I am ahead of the curve and doing great! . I am now 159 and fitting in size 8, however, I have been experiencing stuck feelings and shoulder pain when I eat in the a.m. but, I have been grazing alot,lately and been feeling hungry. I have also hit plateau and have not lost any weight since Oct. I so want to lost 20 more lbs but, I am afraid I might be too tight and don't want to experience any negative effects. So, far I am 9 months,out and have not vomited or experienced anything bad. What do u think?
  11. I have had the lap band for 6 mths and I lost weight pretty slow and steady. I kept track of everything I ate and weight dropped slowly but, I was happy. I lost a total of 40 lbs....I had a second fill in Sept. and since then only lost 10 lbs. But, with the holidays and family visiting and alot of yummy food around, I stopped keeping track of my food intake and protein and have not lost anything since Oct. I did have a lot of stress going on and I realize what I need to do. I have also noticed lately that I have been feeling a pain in my left shoulder when I eat. I have two questions for you, are you struggling with your sticking to your lapband lifestyle during the holidays? and do any of you have a pain in the left side chest area when you eat? (i am not sure if it is due to my bites being to big, but it is bothersome. I got my 2nd fill in Sept and did not feel this restriction until now. Does your band get tighter months after you get a fill? (or) I am probably eating too big of bites and too much.) Also, what are your new year resolutions? I really need to get back on the wagon and need some encouragement. The good thing is I have not gained weight, but, I still need to lose another 33 lbs.
  12. healthierme72

    The Turkey Challenge

    I am joining late...please put this post as my first weight. I really need to focus and lose weight before the holidays. I have been in a stand still for over a month. Name, real or screen~ healtierme 72 Age~ 39 Weight on November 1st~ 167 Goal Weight for November 29th~ 159 Exercise Goal for November~ exercise 4-5 days a week Dietary Goal for November~ watch my portion sizes and drink more Water intake. Personal Goal for November~ be more thankful and positive. Date Banded~ May 31, 2011 Total Weight Loss Since Banding~ 40
  13. healthierme72

    The Very Scary Halloween Challenge

    165....i didn't work hard enough. Stressful month. I need to focus more. Congrats to all who loss weight.
  14. healthierme72

    The Very Scary Halloween Challenge

    165....i didn't work hard enough. Stressful month. I need to focus more. Congrats to all who loss weight.
  15. healthierme72

    The Very Scary Halloween Challenge

    I have a had a few challenges this week. Out of town family who were visiting, I have been so distracted with midterms. So the scale didn't move for me. They just left, and hopefully I cam stay focused.
  16. healthierme72

    The Very Scary Halloween Challenge

    Gained a couple of pounds :-( weight this week (i know I am late) 167 lbs. Need to do better this,week.
  17. healthierme72

    The Very Scary Halloween Challenge

    Name, real or screen~healthierme72 Age~ 39 Weight on October 1st~164.8 Goal Weight for October 29th~ 156 Exercise Goal for October~2 to 3 times at gym Dietary Goal for October~protein and journaling, calcium intake Personal Goal for October~ study daily and don't procrasinate with hmwk Date Banded~ 5/27/11 Total Weight Loss Since Banding~42 lbs.
  18. healthierme72

    The Harvest Moon Challenge

    164.8 yay! Just a tiny bit undee my goal! Sooo, Happy!!! Haven't weighted this since I was 21 yrs old. Every pound lost I feel a bit younger!
  19. Hi, just curious, on how my fellow May bandsters are doing? How much weight loss? How many (if any) fills? Successes? Struggles? I have had a slow weight loss, it has slowed down alot and have been struggling with testing my limits. I haven't had any diffuculties with the band..meaning I have not experinced any negative side effects (i.e. Stuck feelings or pb). I will be getting my 2nd fill and hope it suppresses my appetite lately. I have been feeling hungry lately, but not sure if it's because I am going back to school and feeling a bit more stress. So far, I am down 36 lbs.
  20. I am so EXCITED to see the scale and see 165lbs.!!! I have not weight that since 21 yrs old. I am feeling good and am have 35 more pounds to go!!!

  21. healthierme72

    The Harvest Moon Challenge

    Great idea! Larry!
  22. healthierme72


    I changed my cal. Intake and protein intake and sugars. My cal. Are at set at 1000, during the week I try to eat between 800-900 and weekends I allow myself to hit 1000 cal. My sugars undr 20 g and protein 80 to 100. I guess it is different for everyone. I am pretty short 5'2 and pretty much average frame. If I workout I allow myself an extra protein shake.
  23. yay! I am fitting comfortably in 31 waist jeans and tiny bit over half way to my goal!!!

  24. healthierme72

    Lap Band versus Diabetes

    @scout47, I have been type 2 diabetic for 11 yrs now and I too was in denial and kept on taking meds to work with my diabetes. I was always on again off again with my diet and exercise and kept on having health issues due to my weight and meds. This lapband procedure (even though I have not felt any restriction as of yet, has changed my mind thinking and my habits) I have had my gallbladder removed, hernias and panceritisis (sp?), bursitis, skin issues, foot and knee problems, and high blood pressure due to my weight...plus diabetes and all those medical issues never changed my actions. I too, was in denial and didn't realize it until now. I am very thankful to be able to get this chance to turn it around. To me lapband has been a blessing.... @larry congrats! I am so happy for you! I keep getting monitored and still working towards a goal of a A1C OF below 6. But, in time I know I will get there. I too was on all the same meds as you including high blood pressure pills and one day I realized I can't do this any more all the meds were making feel ill and not allowing me to lose weight and my endrocronolgist told me I had an option for lapband or be on insulin. I chose lapband of course. I am 39 yrs old and I want to see my kids grow up. While I was deciding to get lapband a few ppl I know or heard about died of diabetes complications some very young. One lady died early 60's and I found out she was blind for over 10 yrs before she died. That is when I chose lapband. I want to see my kids get married and I want to SEE my grand children one day. I don't want to be a burden to them. I love to hear succes stories! Thank u for sharing...
  25. healthierme72

    Lap Band versus Diabetes

    I am diabetic and got banded in May of this year. For some reason, my diabetes improved immediately after my surgery. I went from 10 pills a day to zero now. I pretty much stick to my diabetic diet but, I have totally eliminated all processed white foods, (no bread, no pasta, no rice, yes and no pizza) I have not had any since being banded. I have proteins shakes, beans, chicken, fish, and lite baby bel cheese for my protein intake. Before surgery I was almost at the point of having to be put on insulin and that was when I decided to have the lapband. Either die being fat, and diabetic taking shots evryday or choosing to be healthy and live longer. I am very happy with my decision and happy to not have to take meds anymore.

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