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  1. 2 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary MrNickSr!

  2. It is pretty close. I weigh myself in the morning after I shower and use the restroom. I am just in my underwear so very little to throw the weight off....LOL. Usually doctors is in the afternoon and we all know there is a difference if the timing is off so I just deal with the few pounds.
  3. Wow Maddie....you da bomb...LOL@!!!! Thanks for the GREAT and detailed information. I have been doing Atkins as well so I am double careful and was just considering adding in some LC beer or Diet Coke (splenda). I think I will continue to ignore these. Life changes so should we!!!! Thanks again!
  4. OMG123

    Tracking what you eat

    It does track Protein. It also lets you put in less calories...I thought I had it at 500 or 600 to start with. Then I was at 800 for a long time. I just went to 1200 recently. UPDATE: I just went to it and it would not let me do 500 anymore but would allow 800 so I recommend starting with that. It will still track all your nutrients, carbs, Proteins and calories and will make this all so much easier.
  5. OMG123

    Counting Carbs -- Not!

    It is a VERY simple recipe of basically eggs and cream cheese. I am able to get 6 sets of buns out of a single recipe which makes them about 1 carb per sandwich. I have also used them to make little pizzas out of too! You can do a yahoo search for Cloud Bread or here is one link....No-flour bread. Riiiiiiiiight…. I do eat a lot of low fat foods too I guess. I do fat-free or low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, mayo, etc.... I only use plain greek yogurt, sugar free smuckers, a lot of splenda products. I do not fry hardly anything at all, if I do it is with spray. I eat atkins bars, power crunch bars, pure Protein bars and I love whey Crisps. They come in regular or chocolate and I put them in my cottage cheese or greek yogurt everyday. I even eat them by themselves when I get the munchies. I used to eat only egg beaters or all whites but once I figured out how little cholesterol I was now eating, I went back to regular CHEAP eggs....LOL.
  6. OMG123

    Counting Carbs -- Not!

    Sorry to disagree with you Ellisa, but carbs matter to EVERYONE. I found that as soon as I started eating more food (more calories) but dropped my carb % my weight loss took off. It is so funny to be able to lose weight at 1200 calories and low net carbs but sit still at 600 calories with the same amount of carbs. I owe a great deal of my loss to the low carb diet that I follow. ATKINS FOREVER....LOL!!!! But seriously, just by tracking what I eat online (myplate) I can see when, how much and why my weight changed (or didn't). Plus, I have come to love the low carb lifestyle. I do NOT eat breads at all anymore. If I want my burger on a roll, I make cloud bread (whoopsie rolls). I love eating my Atkins or power crunch Protein bars. They have a little as 2 net carbs a bar and help me keep the weight dropping off while been super yummy! I even switched to low carb, unsweetened soy milk like Silk or 8th Continent (my fave). I do cheat here and there, snacking on one of the kids Cookies or eating a few fries so I am definatley not deprived. Hope my 2 cents helps. BTW...I do have to go see the staff in 2 weeks and I know they are going to be pissy because I am currently below the minimum weight they set for me but it is more fun to be yelled at for being too thin than all the years of being told your too fat...LOL! Now to just get rid of the excess skin so I can take my shirt off in public....oh well, at least the shirts look nice now!!!
  7. OMG123

    Tracking what you eat

    Yes, the version I use is free. They do have a gold version but I don't think it is necessary. I love the site and use it constantly.
  8. OMG123

    Tracking what you eat

    I LOVE livestrong....been using myplate since Jan and love being able to see what everything adds up to every day. I am at 7 months and am now between 1000 & 1200 cal a day. This was a recent increase for me (at 2 months I couldnt get in 500). I try to keep my protein above 75 (closer to 100 if possible) and a lot of my carbs come from protein bars like Atkins so my carb intake may be 50 to 70 but netcarb intake is often below 25-30.
  9. OMG123

    2 Years

    Great to hear and congrats!!!! I always wonder about the long termers out there. Although I am only at 7 months, I find that I can cheat a bit here and there. I mostly eat a VERY low carb diet (I LOVE the low carb protein bars) but I do have a couple chips or a cookie with the kids now and then. I am grateful to still be loosing and look forward to my new relationship with food as well. I still track EVERYTHING I eat (thank you myplate) so I can see the days when I go over my 1200 cal and the days when I am too low. It also helps me know what days my sugar intake was higher or my protein not where it should be.
  10. I use MyPlate too! I love it. It allows me to track EVERYTHING! I know when I have too much or not enough (sounds funny to say that...LOL). It is so nice to see what everything actually is as I am eating it, not 50 pounds later!
  11. I am currently eating around 1200 calories a day. I do an extremely low net-carb though and I credit that with helping me surpass my goal in only 7 months! I love my low-carb protein bars, especially Atkins. I do NOT eat any bread or pasta. Only a spoon of potatoes now and then and maybe a stolen cookie once in a while...LOL! I recently started making cloud bread to eat burgers or tuna or pizza on. Very good and less than 1 carb!!!
  12. I weigh myself every morning on the WII. It tracks everything and it is amazing to see how often it changes even when you didn't expect it to!
  13. OMG123

    blowin up the bathroom

    Yes, I am almost 6 months out and even my gas is dangerous now...LOL!!! I think in my case it has to do with all the atkins protein bars I consume. The more of them I eat, the more gas I have and the worse everything smells...LOL!
  14. OMG123

    Sagging skin?

    I have the same basics as Tiff, except that I find the bolts of excess skin I seem to have around my middle the worst. Clothed I look awesome, naked....yuck. I hate to say it but I feel worse about my body naked now than before (stupid, I know!!!). I also have issues that the skin seems to roll around onto my super skinny back now too...LOL! Sometime I have to roll my shoulders forward to lean back into a chair or when I am laying in bed or it feels like I am laying on something. Now, I have exceeded my personal 100 pound goal (doc said 70) and my doctor says I need to stop now but it is hard...LOL! I know I will eventually need a tummy tuck to cut away all that hanging flab but jeez, it does suck. But I am still thrilled with the procedure!!! Just wish my belly button was back where it belonged!
  15. OMG123

    do your shoes still fit?

    From the guy side, my feet have shrunk. I went from an 11 1/2 wide to just a plain old 11 now!!!!