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  1. missjanab

    The Horrible Feeling That You Are Done

    i so needed to read this thread! i've been stuck since march and just recently saw a 4lb gain! i've got to keep pushing, i refuse to be done.
  2. i too have been struggling with my hunger returning and my love for chocolate back on deck. i'm in the exact same boat as kristina and broadway. i'm trying my best to get back on track and i refuse to fail. i must say right now i kinda feel like that old jana struggling with my weight and trying to find the right diet plan. i do however feel like i can eat alot more than in the earlier post op months, still much less than pre-op but enough now to actually call it a meal. for example, i can eat all but maybe three bites of a frozen burrito but when it come to dense meat 3-5 bites and i am stuffed! i don't eat bread bcuz i'm just not attracted to it anymore, it feels me up way to fast and hurts everytime i eat it no matter how much i eat! i haven't been active on the boards much at all the last few months but it is very nice to know that i am not the only one struggling! also i am one of those sleevers that never really got into excersizing the way i should have and reliead soley on my minimal eating to get the weight off, i kno this is bad and i know i need to get in the gym, no excuses. i feel like i've lost all the weight i'm gonna loss based on eating less and the only way to get to goal is to get moving. with all that said, i've been stalled between 186-188 since feb and even thought i'd love to goal asap, if i never lose or gain another pound i am proud of what i've acheived and won't complain!
  3. i feel mine right in the center of my chest, my nose runs and i start sneezing.
  4. new blog up! janalyric.blogspot.com

  5. new blog post up! janalyric.blogspot.com

  6. hello everyone! check out my new beauty/fashion blog! no this is not spam! http://janalyric.blogspot.com/

  7. missjanab

    How To Stay Satisfied?

    i agree with you globetrotter i feel the same way nothing holds me for very long
  8. missjanab

    Does Anyone Else Miss Eating?

    jessie- i feel the same way most of the time! sometimes i just sit and remember the things i used to love and get sad a lil bcuz even if i attempted to eat it now it would be no more than 3 bites. i love the weightloss i've had so far but i've still got a lot more to lose, so the road is far from over for me. congrats on your loss as well.
  9. finally got around to uploading my photos!

  10. finally got around to uploading my photos!

  11. I had VSG - Aug 11th, 2011 (7.5 mths ago) I've lost - 88 lbs Starting weight: 274 lbs Height: 5'4" Goal weight: 120ish
  12. missjanab

    Rant: Nothing In My Closet Fits!

    im having the exact same problem! I can't fit anything and don't want to waste money on new ones when in about 2-3 wks they will be to big!
  13. missjanab

    Exercise w/Wii

    i listen to my pandora workout station while boxing and dancing around for thirty minutes, feels like a pretty good workout to me.

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