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  1. 1 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary wannabethinn!

  2. Thanks for your support Kimmes! I am really struggling....Congratulations on your success and being so focused. I have got to get back on this site and get myself focused!!! Life has been really stressful and I have turned to my old standby - food.

  3. I have got to get back on track!! I need a kick in the ass! I have pretty much been eating whatever I want.....

  4. Hey! You look fantastic!!! I'm not sure I would have recognized you --- you look so much younger!! Way to go girl! You must be so proud of yourself. I have not been following the rules and have unfortunately been eating pretty much whatever I want. I have got to get back on track....I have to reschedule my 6 month appointment until November as I have some training at work that I couldn't miss

  5. You are doing great!! You must be sooo proud of yourself. Congratulations Girl!!

  6. Hey girl. How are things going? When is ur 6 month with Dr. Hoehn? Mine is this Wednesday.

  7. I finally made it through the day and stayed away from the carbs. I have really been struggling.....but today was good. Breakfast: 1 sausage patty: Lunch: Protein shake: 30 grams protein Dinner: Taco meat, cheese, lettuce and salsa After dinner Drinks: 1 1/2 glasses of red wine Snack: Turkey Sausage. Total Protein: ?? Need to exercise & drink more water!!
  8. Just checking in. How are you?? I am struggling to stay away from the carbs.......need to get refocused!!!! Any words of wisdom for me?

  9. Glad you added me as a friend. I see your surgery is on Monday. Good Luck. I hope your experience will be as good as mine as surgery was a breeze. Take care and stay in touch!

  10. I'm late in starting the challenge, but I'm jumping in with you guys. I really really really need to get focused!
  11. wannabethinn


    Am soooo happy for you. Congratulations on your success! You are truly an inspiration!
  12. Trying to get re-focused! Need to get back tracking the protein and carbs!!

  13. Hey, it's good to hear from you. My weight loss has slowed considerably. Still want to lose another 75 -100. I try not to be discouraged. We will keep losing, just slowly. I'm trying to embrace who I am, something I have never really done before. My aunt only has the band and 2 years out she still loses little by little. It will be the same for us. :)

  14. Heather - just checking in on you. How are you? We had surgery about the same time and started out at about the same weight. Unfortunately, I have really been struggling and have not been on here much lately. I need to re-focus and get my butt in gear. I'm down 50 pounds, but have not lost for 3 weeks - maybe a small gain. I don't have much restriction and have got to stay away from carbs!

  15. Deb - Just checking on you.....How are you girl? I'm struggling....unfortunately I have found that I can eat pretty much anything and don't have much restriction! I am trying to re-focus and get back on meat, eggs, cheese and stay away from those damn carbs!

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