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  1. I finally made it through the day and stayed away from the carbs. I have really been struggling.....but today was good. Breakfast: 1 sausage patty: Lunch: Protein shake: 30 grams protein Dinner: Taco meat, cheese, lettuce and salsa After dinner Drinks: 1 1/2 glasses of red wine Snack: Turkey Sausage. Total Protein: ?? Need to exercise & drink more water!!
  2. I'm late in starting the challenge, but I'm jumping in with you guys. I really really really need to get focused!
  3. wannabethinn


    Am soooo happy for you. Congratulations on your success! You are truly an inspiration!
  4. wannabethinn


    You look fantastic. Congratulations on your success!!
  5. wannabethinn

    Turkey Neck with early weight loss

    Jane - I have wondered about the Neckline Slimmer. Does it have three different coils to change the resistance? If so, which one are you using?
  6. wannabethinn

    4th of July - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???

    Surgery Date April 13 Starting Weight: 334 Current Weight: 279 Loss to Date: 55 pounds (including 2 week pre op diet loss) Pounds to July 4 Goal: 9
  7. wannabethinn

    April Update from everyone

    Surgery Date April 13 Starting Weight: 334 Current Weight: 279 Loss to Date: 55 pounds (including 2 week pre op diet loss) Pounds to July 4 Goal: 9
  8. wannabethinn

    April Update from everyone

    Surgery Date April 13 Starting Weight: 334 Current Weight: 286 Loss to Date: 48 pounds (including 2 week pre op diet loss) I also lost huge amounts initially, but have slowed to a couple pounds a week.
  9. wannabethinn

    My First Post-Op Photo Share

    You look GREAT! Keep working that sleeve girl!
  10. wannabethinn

    9 months AND....

    CONGRATS! You must be sooo proud of yourself. Keep up the good work girl!
  11. You look fantastic and I love that big smile! Congratulations on your success---keep working that sleeve girl!
  12. wannabethinn


    Hang in there girl. You have lost 63 pounds - you are doing great!!
  13. wannabethinn

    4th of July - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???

    Just checking in .... need to get moving my butt! Starting Challenge Weight: 291 Current Weight: 286 Goal: 270 lbs to Goal: 16
  14. wannabethinn


  15. Way to go Girl Friend!! You look fantastic! You must be soooo proud of yourself!!!
  16. Just wanted to see how everyone is doing and get some ideas on what to eat this early out. I'm 12 days Post Op Today's menu: Protein Hot Cocoa Deviled Egg 1/4 Cottage cheese Premier Choc Protein Drink Deli Turkey Slices with Cream cheese rolled up SF Choc pudding Vitamen and Water!
  17. wannabethinn

    Suddenly Single... now what?

    I am sorry to hear you are having a tough time. I truly believe things happen for a reason and one day soon you will see that another door has opened for you. I would encourage you to go thru with your plans as having this surgery has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I almost chickened out before surgery and am so glad that I did not. I am only 5 weeks out and already feel better about myself as I am feeling better and moving better. I was really scared to have the surgery, but it really was not difficult. My best to you as you begin your journey.
  18. wannabethinn

    Painful GAS pain!!

    I didn't have problems with gas in the hospital until I laid my bed back to go to sleep that night and was overcome with horrible pain in my shoulders. Couldn't hardly push the button to call the nurse. I would recommend keeping your bed more upright as this really helped me. I repeat DO NOT PUT YOUR BED BACK!!!
  19. What kind of Lean Cusine are you eating. I think I might try one.
  20. wannabethinn

    April Update from everyone

    Glad you are feeling better Stacy. What brand of Cappacino protein drink do you get. I've been thinking I need to try something different. I am almost five weeks post op and am getting along well. Just need to work on getting in more water and walking more. I'm down almost 50 pounds (counting lbs lost on pre op diet). Can't believe I am actually losing weight. I Love My Sleeve!
  21. Do you think I can eat them at 5 weeks post op?
  22. wannabethinn

    surgery tomorrow!

    Good Luck to you! I am just 5 weeks post op and love my sleeve. Did not have much pain after surgery, did not puke, can eat and drink fine and I'm down almost 50 pounds (including pre op diet). Love my Sleeve! I also was scared I would not wake up and actually told my surgeon I was not ready to die...not sure what he thought of that! You'll do fine and will be on the other side before you know it. Let us know how you are doing when you feel up to it.
  23. wannabethinn

    4th of July - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???

    SN..............Starting Wt...............Current Wt..............Goal.................lbs to Goal Wannabethinn...................334...............291.................270.............21 Congratulations on the 180s Julia!! That's awesome!!
  24. I'm 4 weeks Post Op and feeling pretty good. I was surprised as recovery has not been as difficult as expected. No trouble eating or drinking as I have not throw up at all. No trouble with gas (other than in hospital) - not even taking a PPI for gas. I am tired at the end of the day, but other than that I'm feeling pretty normal. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner. I'm 50 years old and have struggled with my weight for a long time. I am down 42 pounds since I started Preop Diet 6 weeks ago and even though I have a long ways to go, I am already feeling and moving better! Good luck to you on your journey.
  25. wannabethinn


    Sending my prayers your way. I hope she is feeling better soon. I am just sleeved also, so not much advice here. Hopefully Tiffy and some of the others have some words of wisdom.

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