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  1. sweetpea61956

    Lap Band Fills

    everyone is different
  2. sweetpea61956


  3. sweetpea61956

    Having A Hard Go Of It

    I am 78 lbs lighter and still can't do the treadmill..however, I can do 60 minutes of water aerobics. it is easier on the joints and the brain. Good Luck
  4. You are awesome! Good luck in your new journey!
  5. sweetpea61956

    Hilarious Nsv!

    these are GREAT...I probably won't get things like that..unfortunately at 55, my skin is going to show my age more, the more weight I lose.
  6. sweetpea61956


    Good Luck!
  7. sweetpea61956

    Eating Two days after surgery

    I saw my doctor after a week and he told me I could increase my schedule. I still haven't had a fill. Since my last appt..I think I have lost about 7 lbs which is as good as I was doing but then again, I have only been to the gym once in the 5 weeks. Listen to your body and check in with your surgeon. Everyone is different
  8. sweetpea61956

    Band failure?

    I don't know that to tell you but I wish you luck.
  9. sweetpea61956

    2 NSV'S today... Back to Back !

    way to go! keep up the good work!
  10. did you eat them because you were hungry or because they were good. I find sometimes..I want to eat more than I should just because...not because I am hungry
  11. sweetpea61956

    Where are all the seniors?

    if there is a True Results in Dallas, I personally think that is the way to go. The aftercare and support they offer is awesome. I am 55 and had my surgery in May. Good Luck!
  12. sweetpea61956

    Low BMI Success Stories?

    so far so good and I haven't had a fill...but losing the weight has never been a real big problem for me...its the keeping it off...so here's to never having to lose those I just lost again!
  13. sweetpea61956


    I will eat a chicken thigh and maybe a corn tortilla with cheese.. sometimes fish. I have had steak but find that is like a once a month thing because I want to eat too much.
  14. sweetpea61956

    Low BMI Success Stories?

    only you can decide which is best for you...but...in my opinion...I would rather have the band that can be removed if necessary than have the cut our part of my stomach. I love my band!
  15. I read it all too...I was banded May 26th and although I have changed PA's, I am actually lucky because I like the new one better than the first one. I don't know if you can, but maybe you can find where the other PA went and move to them. It is so important to have a team you trust and like. Know I am thinking about you and wishing you the best.

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