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  1. Formerly Fluffy

    Luna Iced Oatmeal Raisin Bar

    Must try! :-)
  2. Formerly Fluffy

    Denied Blue Shield Of California (Ppo)

    There is. but it's a very new organization and there have been just a few surgeries funded so far. http://wlsfa.org/
  3. Interesting. I have heard about the filters being put in. I just kind of assumed they stayed there. That sucks that you had to have 3 surgeries instead of 1, but as long as everything turned out well that's all that matters. Congrats on your weight loss!
  4. Formerly Fluffy

    Denied Blue Shield Of California (Ppo)

    Appeal! There is an appeal sample letter here: http://www.formerlyfluffy.com/bariatric-surgery-insurance-appeal/ Also you might give them a call at OAC and see what they suggest: (813) 872-7835
  5. Formerly Fluffy

    I Feel Like An Aspercreme Factory!

    When I saw the title I had to read the post. My Mom is an Aspercream junkie! lol
  6. Just wondering about the 3 surgeries? I'm assuming one was to install the filter? What else???
  7. Kudos to you for speaking out! First of all I am researching VSG and currently have the band. I do NOT want to hear just the happy VSG stories. I want to hear ALL the VSG stories. Only then can I make an INFORMED decision about VSG, so I do give you credit for shareing your experience even though it's not popular to do so. I know that with the band when I was researching that there were not many speaking up about that. Those that did were attacked, so primarialy all you saw were the "happily ever after" (until it had to be removed!) lap-band stories. That being said though, recovery can vary from person to person and from the VSG'ers I have spoken with (many) the only problems I'm hearing about after recovery is GERD/Reflux. Take your time recovering and don't rush things. Keep us updated!
  8. Hugs! It sucks when WLS does not go as we were told it would. I have the band and never got restriction. Hoping to revise to VSG. I will say this: Almost eveyone I know LOVES their VSG, so I think after you have a little more recovery time you will feel differently. Good luck!
  9. Formerly Fluffy

    Need Mental Change

    Good luck with the revision. One thing I hear all the time from those that revised from the band is that VSG works the was the band was SUPPOSE to work!
  10. Formerly Fluffy

    Anyone Had Lap-Band For 4 Or More Year's

    There is a failed band group on FB. He may want to join that: http://www.facebook.com/group/199537600106847/
  11. Formerly Fluffy

    Anyone Had Lap-Band For 4 Or More Year's

    You will find a few bandsters that are 4 yrs. out. Much more rare to find one 5 years out.3-4 years out seem to be when a LOT of band issues happen! :-(
  12. Formerly Fluffy

    I'll show you mine... (LBD's)

    I haven't tried the Body Fortress yet. But the Designer Whey I did not like. Premier is good and it has 30g.
  13. Formerly Fluffy

    Curves? Beneficial Or Not?

    I'm with Amanda on the closing down part. That is something I always warn ppl about with Curves. I know in AL and GA at least, they seem to always be closing. So you could sign and pay the joining fee and monthly fee just to find out it's closing in 2 or 3 weeks! Buyer beware!!!
  14. Formerly Fluffy

    Considering Vsg A Year After Band Removed....

    I have been researching VSG revision for about a yr. now. I still have my band, but would have it removed immediately if I could afford it. Everyone that I know that revised from band to VSG is sooooooo much happier with VSG!!!
  15. Formerly Fluffy

    Was Anyone Healthy But Just Fat?

    I was not diagnosed with any co-morbidities prior to WLS, but I knew if I didn't get they weight off that my health would have gone down hill. It was inevitable. Now as far as the band, I would not recommend that to my worst enemy, so I am glad they they directed you to VSG (I am hoping to revise to it myself.) I do however think RNY and DS are also good WLS optioins. Anything BUT the band!

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