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  1. voldemort

    Am I the only one who loves their band?

    I do love my band. It betrayed me about a year ago but on course now!
  2. Godspeed, my friend!

  3. Godspeed!

    1. Heather_8.1.14


      Well hey there! Hope you’re well!

  4. Godspeed, my friend!

  5. voldemort

    Disappearing lapbanders

    Hi. Usually there is gas pain in the shoulders and maybe some pain in the abdomen. Other than that, that's all I experienced 8 years ago. Wishing you well!
  6. Shared this in other threads, but..... Banded in 2010.... got down 100 lbs. Had an issue in April 2017, lost all fluid, gained 50 lbs, now back on track. Looking to lose another 30 before the wedding in Sept.
  7. voldemort

    8years with my lap-band

    You can still gain weight back with the sleeve but it is probably the best option for eating "normally"
  8. voldemort

    Disappearing lapbanders

    Working on 8 years myself. I had an issue in April of last year that required the removal of all my fluid. Went nuts with all the foods I decided to have that I couldn't before. 50 lbs. later I got fluid put back in and now working on getting that 50 off. So far I have about 13 lbs. off. Gotta get back to weight for the wedding.
  9. I often wonder if I should consider removal. I had my band placed in Oct 2010. Last April I had an issue and had all the fluid removed. Apparently I had learned nothing about food consumption and that resulted in about a 50 lb weight gain. Almost a year later, I have some restriction but the weight is barely falling off. I am afraid that if I got a revision, I would just gain more weight again.
  10. voldemort


    Hi Beautiful. Hope all is well! <3
  11. Well, divorced was finalized on 12/30.  glad that is now behind me.

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    2. Heather_8.1.14


      Oh wow, had no idea. Good luck to you and I wish you all the happiness

    3. bayougirlmrsc


      i have 8 more days.... till mine

    4. voldemort


      glad you found someone hotter than me. lol

  12. 6th year with the band. what a life changer!!

    1. ProudGrammy


      happy surgiversary!!! congrats on losing 95 lbs over the last 6 years with the lapband,

      continued success - kathy

    2. bayougirlmrsc


      congrats Vold.... you are an inspiration