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    Weight-Loss Is Contagious

    Gratz to you and your bro my other half he lost 72lbs and no band, just eating bigger portions of what i eat, so our healthy lifestyle has now benefited both of us and hopefully our 20 yrs together will now become 40 yrs or even more. Its good to know that you can help others make the the decision to change their lives too.
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    Yes I heard all the same comments and even more. One of my best friends tried to talk me out of surgery. When, she realized I wasn't changing my mind she said. " well, what am I going to do, I'm not big enough for surgery. How am I suppose to keep up?" She was scared I would be skinny and she would still be over weight.( not by very much). She is good now, but as the weight is dropping off and her is staying the same, I can tell she is not pleased with herself. When I go to the gym and she says. "you need to take me with you, why did you go without me? I need to get in shape!" I replied- I DID call you and ask if you wanted to go, remember? So she said next time make me go. haha. Most of my friends and family have been really supportive. I know it not easy change for some people. It changes their own self preceptions. My sister had WLS in september. Ironically we both had set up our first appointments with the surgeons the same timeframe but didn't know the other sister was doing it. She called me and told be she was thinking about having WLS, and I laughed and told her my appointment with doctor was in two days. She had allready been seeing a nutriutionist for over a year so she got approved and had surgery done within a month of that call. I just had mine done last month. It worked out great because she was there for me when my turn came around. Let me know what worked and didn't work for her. She has always been the heavier the sister. And I have to be honest, It stung a little inside,when she first told me her weight was under mine. So I kind of understand how that feels. But I was am happy for her and how healthy she was becoming. I'm her biggest fan and she is my greatest support! We send photos back and forth and text our new weights to each other. Last time I took a picture of me standing on scale - I had dropped to 218(from 256 highest)lbs. she wrote back. PLEASE , now that you lost all this weight,treat yourself to a pedicure before you send another photo like that. Scary toes!
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    Life In The Green Zone!

    I was banded one year ago, as of 1/31. My last fill was late March, first week of May. I have not, nor have I needed a fill since then. That's been 8-9 months ago! I've been carrying on as usual, not really thinking about it except when visiting this website to give my 2 cents worth now and again. I have to admit, I was getting a little frustrated, not exactly sure why. This morning at the gym I got lost in thought....and this may sound stupid.....but I have been in the Green Zone for the past 7 months and didn't really pay much attention to it? Everything suddenly fell into place, totally changing the way I look at things! It's like suddenly realizing you you graduated and got your diploma! so why are you sweating it! It's done! It's over! You have arrived! What else is there for me to do? I'm never hungry anymore......I eat very little, and whenever I feel like I need to......I don't even think about food anymore. I keep telling myself there is something I need to do...it can't be this easy...but I can't think of anything!!! Does that mean there is nothing left for me to learn??? To the contrary. I learn new things all the time. But with all respect, I don't think 80% of the people here would have the slightest clue what I'm talking about! (the world is not flat) Maybe that was why I was getting frustrated. I'm scheduled to see my Dr first week in Feb. I've asked myself if I may need a slight fill. But I'm not sure what that would do for me in addition to where I'm at now. Just had to share!
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    I was heavier when I met my future hubby. Prob about 20 lbs more. He joined the navy, we got married. He lost weight and I gained more. Two kids and 15 yrs later I was about 60 lbs more than him. Now that I weigh less I don't plan on going back. He came home Tuesday with all these vitamins and has decided to get in shape:). I'm glad we are getting healthier for ourselves and our kids.
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    Yes I did have my surgery Tuesday morning..Day 2 isn't so bad. I haven't had any nausea and very little gas. Soreness is getting better I actually skipped a dose a pain medicine by accident. Guess I really didn't need it lol I'm taking it easy and walking a few times throughout the day, sipping Water and Protein shakes without issue. I feel great and have no regrets. I'm looking forward to a healthier and more active life! Everyone is so supportive! thanks.
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    Nsv's Anyone?

    I think my favorite nsv was seeing my ex at a party and then all his friends who used to say how fat I was, come up and tell me how good I looked. I just smiled, thanked them and told them loud enough so he could hear too that it was only going to get better.
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    wow ! ive only been banded 1 month and ive had nothing but supportive comments from family a nd co workers who know about it. i feel great , and ive lost 15lbs total. in the last 2 days ive received 2 compliments about how good im looking! some of my old clothes fit and so im dressing nicer. if sombody gives you grief about anything just explain youre doing something healthy for your body. wait until you get your 1st nsv ! (non-scale victory) clothes that finally fit, a nice compliment, walking without being tired, etc ) hope all goes well for you, mine has been a breeze !! just had my 1st fill. doing fine ! i'll be thinking of you on surgery day !
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    Betrayal is a BITCH

    Thank you...and I have to agree with you...lol...he IS a fool but for more reasons than just cheating on me...but that's alright because now I have a GREAT life.
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    Do any of you eat like this?

    Here's what I do....My goal is AT LEAST 60 g Protein a day, I usually get about 80 but my dr wants me to get 60. That was the only nutrition "rule" my dr and nut have --ya gotta get the protein in. I have taken it upon myself to limiy my carbs to less than 50 per day and eat less than 1200 cal per day. I am usually under 1000 during the week. I track everything in my fitness pal which I love. This seems to be working. I have lost 50 pounds as of yesterday. I'm happy, drs happy. J Banded 9/22
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    Betrayal is a BITCH

    Thank you everyone. I am having a really tough time of it these past couple of days. I sit at my desk at work and I cry. I cannot believe that my entire world is changed forever. Did I mention that the skank is also married with 3 kids? How in the world can another woman do that? Am I from another planet or something. The pain is just unbearable and it's not fair. The confidence that I have built in myself over the last year while losing weight has been destroyed. I find myself going out on the weekends because I get complimented by other men about how good I look. I would never act on any of those invitations to leave with anyone, but the compliments sure are nice. At this point, I don't feel that I could ever be intimate with my husband again. The thought of it just makes me sick to my stomach. The week that he told me I lost 11 pounds. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep...I didn't go to work. Why do so many people do this and don't blink and eye and then when they get caught.... "But I love you...I want this to work...I NOW realize the consequences of my actions". Jesus...can't you think of that prior to doing her? I am no longer wearing my wedding rings because they mean absolutely NOTHING to me. He looked me in my eye and said, "Tina, take and wear this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity". Well hell...that was a lie...I have told him that those rings will NEVER go back on my finger. They are tainted because he lied. People have told me that it gets better as time goes by but for me right now I just can't take it. The one person that I run to in times of need is the one who hurt me. I feel so alone.