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  1. shakey88

    Burping, All The Time

    I still burp more than I used to...I have just got used to it! =)
  2. shakey88

    Totally Grossed Out

    Removing the strips were the worst for me...and that was after two weeks...I remember I almost passed out! But I was fine once it was done!
  3. shakey88

    110 Pounds!!!!

    Congrats...I am hoping to be at goal by the time my one year anniversary comes around!!! You are doing great...thanks for being so inspiring!
  4. shakey88

    Gained 1 Lb!!!!!

    I weigh myself everyday and used to get upset like you are. It is okay. Our bodies are constantly changing. I gained 3 pounds this week, but last week I lost almost 10. Now, I will begin to worry if those 3 pounds have not come off in the next couple weeks, but until them as long as you know you are doing everything you are supposed to do, do not stress over it!
  5. Welcome...I have learned a lot from this site! Feel free to ask any questions...people are always willing to provide their experience!
  6. shakey88

    What To Do After You Reach Goal?!

    I also was wondering this as I am getting pretty darn close, but I am still losing rapidly. I lost 9.6 pounds just last week...I do not want to have to problem of being underweight
  7. shakey88

    How Long I Need To Wait

    I was told at my 6 week appt that I could start ab exercises, but to take it easy. When I do them now, I can feel the port pulling and am sore after, so in my opinion, I would wait a little longer until you are healed more.
  8. shakey88

    Kind Of A Big Day Today!!

    Congrats...keep up the hard work!
  9. shakey88

    No Fill Bandsters

    I am now almost 10 months out and still no fill. I feel like I am doing well without it and plan on holding off as long as I can. Last time I saw the surgeon, he told me he would see me again in 6 months!
  10. shakey88

    Worried A Lil' About My Port

    I expressed concern with my pain bothering me when I was working out...the only response I got was we can move it if it really starts to bother you. Mine is also starting to stick out...I still have like 20 more pounds to go, so I hope it does not stick out too bad.
  11. shakey88


    My doctor told me 6 weeks...but ummm....
  12. shakey88

    Ok, So Yeah...

    I stopped drinking protein shakes in the morning and the nutritionist told me I needed to. Crazy how everyone's medical staff is different...so I do have the protein shakes during the week and cereal on the weekends!
  13. I walked about 2 weeks after surgery and started resistance training 6 weeks after. I have not been to a gym yet, so I can not answer the question about the gym!
  14. shakey88


    I am a teacher at a high school. A student who gave me nothing but problems last year walked up to me today and shook my hand. I was like what is that for??? He said I want to say that you have done a good job losing weight and that I was not even sure it was you this year. It felt good to even have the kids recognize my hard work! I teach freshmen, so they do not know what I looked like last year. They think I have always been this size. 24 more pounds to go and I will be to my goal.
  15. shakey88

    How Much Weight Do You Say You've Lost?

    I go with what I weighed before the pre-op diet which for me was only 2 days, so I have lost 110.5 pounds since June 18th!
  16. shakey88


    It works differently for everyone. You will not know until you have the band. I am doing well 9 months and down 110 pounds with no fills, but I work out about 2 hours a day, but that will not work for everyone.
  17. shakey88

    Laughing Cow Cheese....!!!

    Thank you very much...24 more pounds to go! And yeah, no fill! I was thinking I needed one last week, but I have got myself back on track! I had been out of town the week before and kinda treated myself! Sure you can join the group. I do not even know who started it! Good luck with your journey!!
  18. shakey88

    Laughing Cow Cheese....!!!

    I eat it almost everyday with crackers! =)
  19. shakey88

    Gained 5 Lbs In One Day

    I, too, I am scale freak. I am on there at least 3 times a day. I am moving this week and could not even pack it up. However, I do not get upset watching the scale go up...one time I gained 7 pounds between Mon and Wed...when I got on the scale on Sat, I had lost it all plus some. Our bodies change every second. I have learned to go with it and if I know I am eating better, things will be fine.
  20. shakey88

    Port Area

    My port area was never sore after the surgery...however now that I can work out, I feel the pulling when doing things such as push ups. Talked to the surgeon and he was not worried about it, but told me that if it really started to bother me that he could move my port!
  21. So I was having this problem and I decided to add fiber to my diet by taking the gummies. This had an opposite effect. It got worse. I stopped taking the gummies about a week ago and things have been smooth since then! I talked to my doctor who suggested I try Miralax every other day. I havent done it yet, but if it comes back, I will be!
  22. When I had my gall bladder removed, I had the same issue wit my belly button. I went to the surgeon and he checked it out and it was infected. He just gave me some meds to clear up the infection. I would call the surgeon's office!
  23. I just got back from my first trip flying. I have never used a seat belt extender. I would just hide the belt under my arms and they would never ask. It was nice to actually pull the seatbelt closer this time! =)
  24. shakey88

    Daily Caloric Intake

    I try for 1000-1200 calories a day but every once and a while will go over it to shock my body! It has been working for me! I also do not look at fat or carbs though. Just calories and protein!

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