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  2. I bought a dress. It hangs were I can see it for motivation. When I feel like skipping a workout or having a cheat day, it’s there to remind me what I’m working towards.
  3. My surgery was Wed morning so I'm 2 days out. I'm tired and sore. I miss my morphine pump [emoji852]️ I don't regret it at all but I can't wait to feel better. But I can shower when I get up on Friday! I'm having trouble sleeping so I told my husband we are buying a recliner asap. We need a new one anyways. Ours broke and we never replaced it. How are you feeling? Sent from my SM-G950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. 18 months out and feel so good. I retired in September 2017 so I take care of my grandson. My daughter and husband got orders to Japan so we moved here. I was walking about 8-10 miles a day which I could barely walk 1 mile before. Now its too hot so doing Zumba daily. Still head for the plus sizes when I go shopping, feels so good that I can buy a medium. I did the surgery not to get skinny but to get healthy which I am now. I now eat lots of fresh veggies and fresh fish. Lovin life so much now! So glad I did it.
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  6. Please mind your business

    People really are inconsiderate. Sorry
  7. Trying to find love during weight loss journey

    IMHO don't bother telling anyone medical info that's not important (unlike STD statuses which most people like to know upfront and before sexual interaction) unless a relationship is forming. It's definitely a conversation for later in the game like when they are trustworthy or you are comfortable doing it, don't feel pressured into it.
  8. PreOp diet

    it wasn't until the first day of my pre-surg diet that I realized....I'm not going to eat anything of substance for a freaking month. And in the middle of that month, i'm having major surgery. How am I going to do this??? A month is a very long time on starvation level calories. It ain't easy. But you do it. You get through the first two weeks a day at a time. Surgery is easier than you think it will be (was for me, anyway, I'm sure experiences differ...but many people comment that they're surprised at the ease of the surgery)....and then, after a week or so of fluids, you get to start purees...and it gets better from there. A little at a time. One new item at a time. One teeny tiny stomach full at a time. Within a few months, things loosen up, foods go down easier, and it's all downhill from there. NOT! LOL....then you get to really work on the permanence of the situation, stalls, your forever diet...coping with changes. It's a wild ride, folks. Buckle up:) Has been a crazy trip so far with a lot of unexpected twists. But if I had to describe it in two words, there's really no other option: "Worth It!"
  9. Oh gosh eggs hurt me for months after surgery!!! It took about six month and then I could eat them. Keep trying every couple of weeks. Most likely eventually you will do fine!
  10. Am I the only one who loves their band?

    I just joined today and want to thank everyone for sharing your stories! I’m having the lap band surgery next Thursday, 6/28. I’m excited but nervous as well due to some of the stories I’ve read. I know lap band is not as in demand as it was previously; however, I thought it was the best option for me. It seems much less invasive than the other surgeries. Im so glad to hear you do not regret your decision. If you have any tips please let me know.
  11. Don't pray for me

    YOU get a muffin and YOU get a muffin and YOU get a muffin!!!
  12. Don't pray for me

    I hear you, Jess. Meh...I'd have quit responding to this thread ages ago...but i'm soooo close to having enough Store Reward Points for my muffins! LOL:)
  13. Don't pray for me

    Omg I just discovered the points thing a week ago! Those peanut butter crack cookies! And salted caramel calcium chews!
  14. PreOp diet

    I know that after a while some broth will taste like dish water 😂
  15. PreOp diet

    No nice way to say it. The pre-surg diet sucks. Was the most horrible part of the process in my opinion. Right after surgery is rough, too...but at least you're coming down the other side of the mountain.
  16. PreOp diet

    That's too bad. I was looking forward to it lol. Jello and popsicles what else
  17. Don't pray for me

    I was doing them all day today. And I honestly don’t mean to sound superior. I literally just don’t waste the mental energy on mean people (which is what the people who don’t listen to you when you ask them not to pray for you are). An intellectual debate I like and spend time on. I just don’t wast emotional energy on feeling angry or upset or offended, that’s all. I don’t like letting mean people have that kind of power over me. I honestly don’t mean it to be superior, just trying to share that old thought of “don’t let the turkeys get you down.”
  18. PreOp diet

    Lol yep happen on day 7 for me. Sent from my Z982 using BariatricPal mobile app
  19. PreOp diet

  20. PreOp diet

    Don't be surprised when your most favorite bone broth tastes like sweaty chicken armpit after several servings.
  21. I am over it.

    Grandmas... *sigh*....they do this shite when their brains start to go. Love them....but damn.
  22. PreOp diet

    Thank you Holly. I'm going to get some bone broth and other things so I won't get bored. Plus I'll still need them for after surgery
  23. July surgery

    Day 2 of pre op diet and I'm still alive lol. Who else is on pre op? Sent from my SM-N950F using BariatricPal mobile app
  24. Yes! When I went to puréed food that was the first thing I wanted. Scrambled eggs. I too felt like they got stuck. I am 2 months out and still have issues with eggs. I can eat them over easy cooked in a little extra virgin olive oil only every once in a while. Hoping it gets better.
  25. A spoon full of sugar free cool whip helps the medicine go down:)
  26. I take mine with a protein shake that seems to help. At least I have something in my belly before the meds
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