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  2. Posting these is hard for me- But if they help someone- I’m all about being real. This is where I came from. Before wls I was at rock bottom in my life. I was overweight, in so much pain, addicted to opiates, in a miserable abusive marriage, terribly unhappy, i could barely work, so hard to walk, so hard to just live. I’d been on or off of a diet since I was eleven. I was constantly binging or starving myself. I’d tried every weight loss plan under the sun and I was totally burnt out. I’d tried therapy, you make it. Perhaps if I’d stuck to therapy that would have worked, but at the point I had surgery I was so exhausted I just needed something sure. I was totally committed to the surgery although i didn’t follow the rules very well, I’ve never been good at self care. I couldn’t take care of myself well before surgery and i struggled to do that afterwards. It has taken a lot of work to get better at that. I went in knowing what could happen and that i wouldn’t be able to eat normally again. It was worth it to me at the time. My surgery had complications but the weight loss was easy due to a severe stricture that I had, plus i was just determined to lose the weight- nothing was gonna stop me. I did really well eating very little for a long time, I was so burnt out on food i was able to break my codependent behavior towards it. Maintenance was really really hard for me, I had issues with wanting to keep losing weight and not being able to stop. I rejected food so hard it was a real struggle to begin eating again and I had to seek therapy for that. I’m doing well now and so much has changed. I have a very different outlook with food. I’ve also gone through plastic surgery 2x and I’m finished with that. I’m at my 3 year surgery anniversary on dec 4. My start weight was 240 and my current weight is between 130-135. I’m 5’6. Surgery is no walk in the park. I had a rough time and I still struggle. But it was worth it for me, as you can see.
  3. All of those are great ideas, but you do need to get your water in. I live near Disney, and our winter is not like actual winter. February is often in the 80s and extremely sunny. Dehydration can happen year round. If you don’t want to carry food around, Disney has lots of options that can be fairly inexpensive. There are stands everywhere with healthy snacks so you aren’t spending a lot on huge meals that would take a month to eat. I usually get a kid’s meal with grilled chicken, side salad or broccoli, yogurt, and bottled water for $4.95. They have condiment bars with the peanut butter containers that I take for snacks. Have fun! You’ll have a great time!
  4. First time traveling since surgery, i wonder if i will feel completely wiped out from the trip...

  5. No. Please contact your surgical team. Good luck!
  6. Hi Sherry! This chart is pretty spot on. I was 235 day of surgery (Sleeved) and I'm 5'5. I'm 1yr 1month (exactly today) post op. As of this morning I'm 160. BUT I do alot of lifting at the gym so my muscle mass is a little higher. My goal is 145 but the weight loss has dramatically slowed down. I'm ok with that! I'm happy where I'm at now. It's slowed to like a pound every other month. Lol. Good luck on your weight loss journey! Sent from my SM-J700T using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. bahahahaha! Hilarious! Good times.
  8. Awwwweeee! And me, you, sweet friend!!! ((hugs)) My heart just grew 3 sizes and a couple of tears made their way to the sun! Love ya!
  9. Had my pre-op appointment yesterday! Getting more and more excited... and nervous!! :)

  10. I'm grateful and blessed to be part of this community and want to thank each of you for alternately inspiring, supporting, and making me laugh or at least think deeply! I've learned so much from each of you and look forward to learning even more in the coming years!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with good times!!!! ((hugs)) Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  11. what were you expecting?? 35 lbs was more than I'd lost at eight weeks out. The #1 rule with this is, do NOT compare yourself to others. We all lose at different rates because of a whole host of factors (age, gender, starting BMI, metabolism rate, etc). If you stick to your plan, the weight will come off. You are doing just fine.
  12. Think about this - if you had another type of surgery during this time you would be feeling much kinder to yourself. So relax and be kind, do what you can. If you can just participate a little you will feel a part of it and try to smile. Get dressed up a little, put on some perfume, watch the parade!!!! (Yes that belly button incision has some extra inside stitches too and the stomach was 'tugged' out of the incision. Mine rubbed against my waistband and an interior stitch worked its way to the surface and drove me nuts) Not to be super annoying but a young family in my area died in a house fire tuesday - mercy - and here we are alive and doing okay, we will have many other holidays. Blessings to you all.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving Fluffychix to you and your family. Stay strong, when it's your turn you'll have a bunch of knowledge behind you. Much love to you and I'm personally thankful for you today. Sent from my SM-G930T using BariatricPal mobile app
  14. That pain is very normal. I had the same burning pain until around week three. Hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  15. Hello sweet ladies! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!! I pray that you have a lovely day filled with family and laughter with the emphasis on fam and fun rather than food. I'm so excited and happy for those of you post surgery, and who are doing so well!!!! And I'm cheering on everyone who is on liquids preparing for the really big day!!! You got this! Love all around!!! My heart is still a little sore and sad that I won't be having surgery this Tuesday. *sigh* But still, every time I have this thought, I just have to run back to God and reassure myself that His time is perfect. There's a reason why it's been delayed! I'm muscling through the disappointment and am back on track after last weekend. But dayum, I still have 5 lbs of fluid on me! Maybe it will get tired of hanging around and vacate the premises? Ha! Today will be a quiet day--just Mr. Fluffy, my sis and BIL at my sissy's house. I'm about to go make a low carb/sf tiramisu for Mr. F. It's his favorite dessert in the whole wide world and pretty easy to make using only liquid stevia to sweeten it. He doesn't do well with artificial sweeteners or flavors--makes his mouth swell. I will make pumpkin yogurt with toasted walnuts for me. I'm a punkin girl. I think the rest of the meal is very low carb friendly and I will have a bite of my grandmother's infamous family dressing. I will be glad when we're through with this holiday. I have the tree up, but only 1/3 decorated. I will officially turn the lights on tonight. hahaha. Have a wonderful day everyone!!! Love and kisses all around (no tongue)!!! @PaulaUSN Congrats on 48lbs!!!! Wow girlie. That's fantastic!!! @vanwest83 Congrats on 36lbs!!!! Yay!!! It's happenin'!!!
  16. Hey y'all! I have RNY scheduled for December 18th. I'm currently on no birth control or anything. Obviously, as we all know, it's not recommended to get pregnant for ATLEAST 12-18 months after surgery.. with that being said, who got on birth control after surgery? My period is currently extremely irregular, I don't ovulate, so the 5 years me and my husband have been having sex, we've never used any form of pregnancy prevention (not even pull-out method) and I've never got pregnant. After surgery, I'm sure losing the weight will change my menstrual cycle and possibly even start ovulation. So, my question is, which birth control? I'm scared to get on birth control because the few times I have got on it, I've gained weight. The last time I was put on it, I was on it for 2 months and gained 15 lbs. So that's definitely not what I want seeing as I'm having surgery. So is birth control a good option? Or just use condoms and pull-out method and be extra careful? ( I want a baby ASAP but don't want a dangerous pregnancy so trying to wait as long as the surgeon suggests)
  17. they're all different. Many are two weeks, but I've seen three or even four. Some are all no-cal liquids + protein shakes, some allow one small meal, some surgeons don't require a pre-op diet at all.
  18. Thank you James. Sent from my SM-G930T using BariatricPal mobile app
  19. Way to go you [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G930T using BariatricPal mobile app
  20. Good luck on your surgery and let us know if we can be of any help.
  21. Today
  22. 11/23 cw 287 Goal weight 270 Sent from my SM-N920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  23. This is why I love this site. I dont feel alone when I find people like me! I am going to spend the day on my recliner smelling turkey cooking all day and sipping a protein shake. But I know that a year from now I will feel so much better! I mean who doesn't want to look better? But for me it was to feel better. I have had several back issues, knee issues and my blood pressure started to elevate. My mom passed away at 63 due to all her weight related issues. I am the thinnest one in my family at 234. I'm glad you get to start puréed foods tomorrow because you will start to feel normal somewhat. I'm going to quote my best friend when she said to me RELAX and HEAL. Take the time to let your body heal. Have a great thanksgiving and today I am most thankful for my friends here in this site, you.
  24. Mine in 13 of December but my doctor didn't mention anything about dieting. Sent from my SM-G955F using BariatricPal mobile app
  25. I know how you feel. I am five days out and still lots of pain. I have thrush now too. It will get better if we keep the course. [emoji3]
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