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40 Pounds



I met my doctor on Wednesday and I've lost 18kg/40 pounds!! I was so happy. And he was very happy with me. He didn't want to give me a fill since I'm doing really well.

He also said I'm putting too much pressure on myself. That he was happy and I should be as well. I should read too much about how much other people are loosing because our bodies do not work the same.


But I'm incredibly happy. Also this is kind of a milestone. This is the second time I've lost 40 pounds in one run .... and well then I gained weight again. But this time, I'm going to get further, I'm going to loose more so ever pound after this will be a new milestone :) yay.


This Friday I was sooooo hungry at lunch that I was dreaming of all kinds of food I was gonna eat that day. I had an omelette at work. I ate a bit too much. I ate until I was full and I never do that. But hunger does that to you.


I was full all day! I couldn't imagine eating dinner even. I did but just a little.

Before the lap band, if I got full, I could begin to eat again in 2 hours but not now. And guess what, I love it.

This rarely happens that I eat so much. maybe happened 3-4 times in 6 months. I told my doctor that I was still learning and he understood that. I will do mistakes and learn from them. Ok 3-4 times eating to much haha, ok I might be a slow learner hehe ;)


But I'm so happy now. I tried on a dress I wore last Christmas and it's too big now :) And my panties. Seriously, I need to renew them! They are a size too big.


My bra is still the same size ugh! hate that. But I was telling a coworker how much I'd lost and she told me that she noticed my hips ass getting smaller and yay again! soooo happy!

I've always hated my hips and ass. I would do the Kardashians proud. They were even large when I was in a normal weight.


But so far so good! loving my new life :)


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