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So happy!



Yeah I'm so happy.


Ok the back story:


2 years ago, I was exercising a lot and was heavier than I'm today. I went to a trip and did a lot of walking and it was difficult.


Today: not exercising almost at all (I know I know) but not as heavy and today I went on the same trip and it was easier to do the exact same walk!!


OMG so happy and I have to tell you that it has given me a confidence boost! For the first time, I feel like I can go out there and exercise and win a marathon! no ok not a marathon! Ever haha.


I've been afraid to go out there, to exercise because it's been difficult. All the heavy breathing, red face like I'm about to explode. But gosh today! A new life! I could actually do the walk (up a hill) without being out of breath like 2 years ago. All because of less weight on my body!


This is so motivating and I just had to write this down so that I would remember and that I can always go back to this memory if I'm feeling down.



Oh and I can't eat rice!!! so no sushi for me :( but hey! I can walk up a hill without loosing my breath! so worth it :)


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