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It's up to me



Since being banded I have changed my lifestyle a lot. I don't eat as much, eat 2 meals a day and 1 smaller meal, so kind of 2 and half meal a day.

I only eat stuff I like and some food I don't even like anymore because after I had to chew and chew and chew, the taste just is that good anymore haha.


But to tell you the truth, I could cheat once in a while and have something not that healthy and still loose weight. But now after almost 6 months, it's ALL up to me!! If I cheat, I don't loose weight or at least not as much.


I'm learning and I think I'll keep on learning (hopefully hah!). For example, I need to drink more water than I used to. I try to drink 1 liter before lunch.


I do believe that if you think that the band is going to do the job for you, then you are going to fail, you are not going to meet your weight goal.


We all have to remember that. Touch you scar and think about what you have gone through and what a powerful tool you have in there.


I have my ups and down, I loose much weight one week and hardly anything the next week. It's a battle that I will win, it will take time but I will!


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