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What do you do when old dreams fade?



"So we will pick these flowers for the reception tables."


That picture and quote comes to my frame of mind when I think back to March 2012 in Michael's Craft Store looking for fake flowers for my wedding the following November 3, 2012. I had been with the guy for seven years unaware that he wasn't wanting the same things and was hanging on by a thread.


I went from almost getting married to not even being able to whisper it or really think of it when it came to stepping on egg shells around his fragile state.


Then the past three years shouldn't have happened. I should have left when he doubted if he loved me! I just believed him and I after our eyes met and we found each-other inseparable so many years ago that we were soul-mates, that he was the 'one.'


Its funny how one moment your flying on air and the next you come crashing to the ground. This happened to me this morning when he closed that iron door for good, locking it and throwing away the key.


There are things I want out of life and things I don't want!


I want to fall in love again!

I want to meet the True Soulmate.

What can I say I'm a hopeless romantic!


I want to think I will be back down the road with my Sis in Law picking out new arrangements for a different venue to my future dream guy.


Right now those dreams have faded, whoosh! Turned to dust!


So I thought about this one quote i read a long time ago.


"Sometimes things have to fall apart so better things can come together."


I won't settle.


I won't give up on new dreams and aspirations.


For now I have myself and that is enough. When he comes he comes!



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Lisa I am so sorry this happened to you, yet I am not. I hope you understand where I am coming from as it sounds like he was not for you. I know you are in emotional pain yet I hear you still have hope. Good for you! That is the way it should be hope and plan for the future. These painful feelings you have now will pass in time.

I also believe good things come to those who wait and that when one door closes bigger and better doors open up. I too will never give up on finding love and losing weight. Don't you ever give up either.

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