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Today I woke up looking at everything on the negative side. My appointment yesterday didn't go as planned. They did an eco for me instead of the stress test and scheduled me to get it done on sept 15. Every time I think I'm close to my last appointment something else always comes up. Its discouraging and frustrating! 7 months continuously giving me appointments and then needing something else shows the lack of professionalism at my medical doctors office. The struggles I have been put through its ridiculous. I'm starting to think this is not for me. Im never getting this done if it continues to be like this.


Im at my highest weight ever feeling miserable and not wanting to engage in any outside activities. Im not interested in going outside. I go to work because I have too. How much longer do I have to live this way? I just feel so disappointed. Im in the mood of not wanting to get out of my bed.


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You sound depressed. Talk to someone about it, like your PCP. Consider some counseling.

Basically you have two choices: accept the current situation, or change it. (remember, accepting something doesn't mean you have to like it.) This process requires a good chunk of patience, both before and after. Good Luck!

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I think you should take time to recognize that not everything goes according to plan. But if you don't go through this process you will never get to the place you want to be. Change is hard for more than one reason - it's all the crap around it that MAKES it so hard!! Preparing yourself for surgery also means facing the things that are the most discouraging and beating them by not allowing those issues to make you quit! You can DO this - do it for showing yourself how committed you truly are!!!! Believe me I felt the SAME way and it has taken me more than a year to get where I am and I will be having my surgery very soon. I had moments EXACTLY like what you are describing so I KNOW!! BE REALLY GOOD to yourself by NOT giving up!!!!

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Me too. I was continually amazed at how one appointment would lead to two more. Them doctors must ALL be buying a new boat!!! In any case, you will have an IMPORTANT medical baseline, and it WILL pass. Hand tough!

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