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Constantly weighing yourself

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blogs/blog-0739404001368545888.jpgJust put some masking tape over the number part of the scale. On the tape write down your goal weight. Now EVERY time you step on you will ONLY see your goal weight and are forced to either wait until you see the Dr. or bend over and remove the tape (which you KNOW will be wrong)
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My hubby removed the scale when I went in to have surgery. He told me that is the least of my worries but to focus on me and following my doctors orders. I have not desired to look at the scale yet. I was thinking maybe at my 1 month mark and then I go and see the Dr at my 3 month mark. That sounds like a good time span to me.

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DCG, it is a part of human nature to be inquisitive. When our brains take over and want us to be obsessed over something, is when we need to stop and assess what the real issue is at hand.

For me, I KNEW i was going to worry about the scale moving. This is why I put the tape on the scale and said forget it... I am not going to waste my time stressing over this. If I show up at the Dr or NUT and I have been following their orders and there is a problem we will take care of it then. I will NOT sabotage myself....LOL

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