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Unjury and Syntrax Nectar Desserts



blogs/blog-0044645001368546088.jpgNeed to to mix up your protein shakes and try something different?


There is a clear liquid protein broth from Unjury called Chicken soup and it REALLY good.. BTW you can eat this one warm, and it taste EXACTLY like how you would want homemade chicken soup to taste.



If you like chocolate, try Syntrax's Nectar in Chocolate Truffle. With water it tastes like a YooHoo, with milk it tastes like a Wendy's milkshake.


I also have The Nectar in Vanilla Bean torte (23gm protein) and I mix it up with 2 oz of blueberry kefir and 4 oz of milk (9gm protein). Kefir is 99% lactose free and has just as much protein as milk.


If you like fruit juices try Unjury's Strawberry Sorbet. Mix it with water, lemonade, or milk and yogurt (strawberry cheesecake). I have made this one so many ways even into ice pops!


Of course all of these items are 0 carb and 0 fat too. Samples of the Nectar can be purchases at Vitamin Shoppe and Unjury through Unjury.com


Looking for sleeve & bypass recipes from someone who actually had it AND tastes YUMMY?… go here… http://theworldaccor...e.blogspot.com/


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I use Syntrax Nectar Medical. It is the only reasonably priced protein that is unflavored and most importantly, unsweetened. I hate artificial sweeteners and I detest stevia.

I mix it with 2 tablespoons of real full fatted Brown Cow Cream on Top yogurt and a quarter cup of non-fat dryed milk. Delicious and not too sweet. I would rather adulterate my own protein thank you.

I also have to supplement it with plenty of liquid vitamins as it has no supplements in it.

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QofDisks, That sound AMAZINGLY delicious!

I too like the taste of natural foods. My daughter has type 1 diabetes since she was 11 and We have strived for all of us to eat a better, more balanced diet. Unfortunately, some people including my daughter just cannot have natural sugars so she uses artificial, while I can go au naturale, eat sweetener, or eat sugar. I actually prefer kefir to yogurt, but they both taste so similar when I get the plain version.

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My Dr gave me some samples of Unjury Chicken soup and the unflavored. I am looking forward to trying them since I am going back to work on Monday. I know that it is so important to get the protein in but I was almost out of my mind drinking chocolate whey protein. Hopefully this will help add some variety.

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DCG, I loved this Chicken soup. The only issue was the soup had to be very warm but not hot in order to enjoy it.

The unflavored I was not really a fan of only because it had a cheesy smell to it. Still, I followed the unjury suggestion which was to add it to Crystal Lite. My Crystal Lite was lemonade... not very good with this unflavored protein. I do think that it will taste better in other things though, like mashed potatoes.

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