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What are you looking forward to doing?



As I am counting down the days to my surgery I am starting to think about I am going to do once I've dropped some weight. I guess you can say a "TO DO" list that I can measure my progress besides looking at weight.


Here is my list (in no order)

  1. Do a cartwheel
  2. Sit in between people at the movies, theatre and stadiums
  3. Buy and fit in Pink sweat pants from VS
  4. Rollercoasters
  5. Getting the seatbelt on airplanes to fit with out "sucking it in"
  6. Run a mile without stopping



What else should I add to my list?! What are you guys looking forward to doing!?


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Sitting on the floor and playing with my grandchildren. Without having trouble getting back up.

Being able to shop for clothes in store that I want.

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I am so looking forward to shopping for new clothes!! I can not wait to be in the same fitting rooms as my friends trying on the same clothes as they are.

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Being to walk upstairs without loosing your breath and hearing your knees crack in pain.

Having your husband or significant other pick you up and carry you.

Shop at a regular store and pay reasonable prices.

Sit on the toliet and not cover the whole seat! (My personal Fav)! CTHU

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I can't wait to walk into a store and just pick clothes off the rack! So tired of having to go to the Plus Sized Section! I'm not OLD just because I'm a big girl!!! :)

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1. Walking into a regular store and being able to fit what I like.

2. Being in my seat only on an airplane without an seat belt extension.

3. Being picked up by my boyfriend and carried.

4. Keeping up with my teenager.

5. Borrowing clothes from my daughter.

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1. Rides at Six Flags

2. Shop in the store of my choice

3. Keep up with kids

4. Jogging

5. Better relations with hubby

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