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Waiting to be seen



Wow - I am so tired of being invisible to people.SERIOUSLY. I weigh 230 pounds. Too big to be missed. Today a man held the door open for the thin lady walking just in front of me into a convenient store. (They were not together.) Then he lets the door go right as I am about to pass through. He looked me right in the eye. Are you kidding me? I became so irate. It was a definite -want to eat a pizza trigger!!!!!!! (I didn't.) This scenario has happened hundreds of times to me over the past 15 years. How rude. This is just one example of how ignorant people can be. At gatherings - I could be the biggest girl in the room - but nobody can see me. Ironic. It is like if they look at me - they may catch the fat disease. And then - there is the line -you have a beautiful face. Oh my god- how about a simple "You are beautiful".


Sorry everybody - just needed to vent to people that would understand.


I am so happy I had this surgery. I will train my little boys - that every woman deserves to have a door held open for them. And that men and women deserve to be seen - no matter where they are or how big they are.


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I know exactly what you mean Melissa! I've gained 80 lbs over the past 5 years (I need to lose 110) and I have noticed the same thing. Even most of my guy friends who used to "flirt harmlessly" no longer do that! It is painful and I'm glad I'm going to do something about it.

Unfortunately, "it is what it is" and I don't think we can change people who already are like this. It makes me feel differently about the guy friends I do who treat me this way even though they don't realize they are doing this.

Hopefully your boys will influence their peers.

Good luck!!

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Thanks for your comments. I was pretty fired up. I am more calm now. But I am glad to know somebody else out there gets what I meant.

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