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Congrats! I just added you as a friend as we are within one week of one another for surgeries but also have close to the same starting weight and same goal weight! I wish you the best of success in your journey! What are you eating so far? What's a typical day for you?

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Thank you guys!!

Well a typical day for me is wake up at 6 am have my coffee (black with 2 tsp of reg sugar cause artificial sweeteners trigger my migraines) then around 9:30 i have my shake (which is blended with half banana and some miralax for well u know ;) haha) then around 12:30 i have a light lunch which usually consist of tuna, cottage cheese, salad, shredded chicken , etc but no more than 1 cup. (i can hardly consume a cup)

and i usually snack a lot like sugar snap peas, zero carb pork rines (high in protein), cucumber w lime salt olive oil and chilli pepper (pretty deelich) and at dinner i'll either have another protein shake or a cup of some kind of protein. I've realized as long as my intake of protein is above 50 grams i hardly get hungry.

I am sooo freaking happy i decided to make this change in my life! wish you all of you the BEST!! <3

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