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I was a skinny kid. I have skinny siblings, parents, and most of my family are pretty bony. Somewhere along the way during my childhood, I found chocolate bars and tv replaced social skills. I had a tough time growing up, but lost the weight after a scary visit to my pediatrician who told me (at 11) that he would "stretch me out slowly by hanging me upside down" if I didn't start liking melba toast.

So began my battle with weight.

I remember being 115 pounds at that age, and being made fun of. I ballooned up to 145, but then I grew taller, so I was a bit chunkier but I hid it well on my 5"6 frame. The pregnancies came...80 lb came and went....after three babies my body took its toll.

No longer did it bounce back- you know, where you just "cut out some pop and bread" and WOOOOSSSSSSH--all extra weight disappears.

Ya, not me.

The more [i] I think[/i] about how fat I am, the fatter I get. I have tried it all. Yes, I lost some weight. No, I didn't stick to it.

I have done:

Weight watchers (gained weight eating all the points)
Bernstein (lost 60 pounds then 30 the next, gained it all back in 4 months)
Pills, shakes
Healthy diet counseller (lost 80)

and gained it back.

I have learned that my body is my temple....I was young and foolish and a lot of that yoyo stuff was after babies, and extreme dieting. Then Id get busy, or stressed and just forget about me.

Well this is MY time, and my youngest (who is now ten) is going to have a healthy, thin mommy who doesn't drive her .8 km to school some days because she doesn't want to walk...

Nope-I'm done all that. I am here to get sleeved, drop the weight, get comfortable and treat my body like a treasure. I will not abuse it, overeat, watch my weight.

(My promise to me)

I have a very loving and supportive husband who is with me every step of the way through this and I love him :)

Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Starting Weight: 239 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery:
Current Weight: 187 lbs
Goal Weight: 140 lbs
Weight Lost: 52 lbs
BMI: 30.2
Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 11/12/2012
Surgery Date: 11/21/2012
Hospital Stay: 3 Days
Surgery Funding: Self Paid
Insurance Outcome: n/a
partofme!'s Bariatric Surgeon
Ave De Los Olivos No. 3270
Tijuana, Baja California

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