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Happy Although Imperfect

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I won't lie to anyone it is hard work trying to live with out food as my crutch and sometimes (even with the surgery) I fall short of my ideal behavior when it comes to food. There are people who have told me that I've taken the easy way out. I disagree with them but I don't waste my breath arguing with them anymore. Even with the surgery I still have to closely monitor what I eat and be more active. The surgery has given me the help I need to lose weight but it doesn't mean that I woke up from the surgery cured of my old bad food habits. But I manage my eating much better. I'm encouraged that I'm moving closer to where I want to be. Good things that have happened to me since my surgery:

  1. I can walk to my car without having to stop and take a breath
  2. I'm not in constant pain because of my knees
  3. I have given away over 10 bags of clothes that are way too big for me--I'm down 4 sizes so far
  4. People sit next to me on the train (I used to feel so guilty taking up two seats when the train was crowded)
  5. I cooked dinner at thanksgiving and it didn't wear me out --being on my feet for a few hours easy peasy
  6. I look in the mirror and I recognize myself!
  7. I do have a figure(my waist line is returning)
  8. my bath sheets wrap around me there's no big gap!
  9. there is really cute lingerie in my size
  10. Oh my doctors have taken me off a couple of my meds
  11. I realize I can only eat so much so I visually measure out a cup of food and that's my meal

There's a lot of little things but mainly I'm just thankful that I was able to do this surgery. I'm grateful that my insurance covered it and I'm grateful that I chose the right program. I feel really blessed by the whole experience problems and all.

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Marisa....that's what I am talking about . It's the little things that we forget about until we can no longer do them like tie your shoe or how about crossing your leggs! You are an inspiration and I want to thank you so much for sharing!

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