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Marriage.......sleeve I Promise To Love, Honor & Obey.....



I am in divorce proceedings with the Lapband. As a matter of fact, the same day the divorce becomes final, I will marry The Sleeve. The Lapband didn't hold up to its promises, often time having me dehydrated, slimming, or plain vomiting. As committed as I was to it, it wasn't commited to me. Eventually it couldn't even hold its own..................got a leak. When I went to the dr. for counseling, he told me he could repair our relationship or I could go in another direction. I told the doctor, there was no repair, The Band failed me and it needed to leave as soon as possible. He said he could replace The Band, the doctor wasn't listening to me. I told him I gave The Band 3.5 years of my life. The Band made me think I was the problem and all along it failed me and often made me sick than healthy. When the doctor told me about a new Beau in town, I immediately became excited. I wasn't sure if I measured up but the doctor told me he wouldn't fail. He told me the new Beau called The Sleeve was making a lot of women happy........................hmmmmm, and some men. I thought, "Shut the front door." He told me he hasn't met anyone who divorced The Sleeve.....as a matter of fact he said the marriage is permanent. Before I decided to move forward with this marriage, I asked a bunch of questions and researched my soon to be permanent partner. After my due diligence I set the date.....we are getting married on 8.23.12. I know this is a marriage made in heaven, I keep hearing about others who made the same commitment and they have nothing bad to say. As a matter of fact, they said it is a little bumpy a for a few days in the beginning but they couldn't understand what took them so long to see Mr. Right. Yep, so yes, in sickness, or health and until death do we part.......................I am commiting my life to Sleeve.


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You are too FUNNY!!!!

Wishing you the best of luck on your soon to be new JOURNEY!!

I too am having surgery just a day before you on the 22nd of Aug. I'm so excited...yet nervous.

Here's to YOU, to a new LIFE!!!

God Bless,


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