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Extreme Measures.....by Any Means Necessary



In a couple of hours I will meet with Surgeon's office to find out more about what I need to do prior to my 8/23 surgery. I am a little nervous things went too fast and they forgot something. You see, I was there in June when they realized my Lapband was defective. I had that surgery several years ago. The doctor had the patient coordinator submit a request to insurance company to have Band removed and for me to get Sleeved. Once approved, we scheduled this date and surgery date. I was like, "don't I need to do something in between?" Initially they told me no. Well, persistant me called back about a week ago and asked again. The patient coordinator told me I needed my PCP to give me clearance for surgery. I am like, "wtf" and at the same time, like what else will you spring on me. Time is of the essence because at the end of this week I go out of the country and won't return until the week of surgery. I have limited days to do things and I like to plan and be prepared. I definitely don't want to be rescheduled because I did not have a particular test or something.

I know when I went through process for LapBand, I had some tests......................just can't remember them. I hope there are no issues. My mind has been focused and on countdown for this date and 8/23/12. I don't think I could reset my mind on a day further away...........I don't want to.

I am so fixated on this surgery that I was going to cancel my vacation travels out of the country losing some thousands of dollars. I did not care that is how much I want the surgery. I am like, my vacation won't be televised anyway....I will likely not be in any picture. I am so fixated on this surgery that my decision to have it the week I return back to work is premeditated for "ops, I am not feeling well..........can't make it to work for a few days....must have been something I ate while on vacation." If the surgeon could do it right now, I would. Fortunately I have friends in my life that have been helping me navigate. I was told to go on the vacation, have fun, get my mind right for this surgery. I am like, ok but whatever at the same time. I need to get this body right. My mind is on next year's vacation. I went shopping yesterday for this vaca and I am like, "I'm spending money on clothes I probably won't fit in a month or so from now." I have tried to diet before this vacation but that is the biggest contradiction ever. Yeah, I watched what I ate and did well for a while. At the same time, my mind was on not being able to have food as I know it.

I don't know. The great thing is when I am on vacation I actually eat better than at home. Yes, most people come back from vacation with weight gain, I will come back with weight loss. I have digestive issues thus I don't want any problems so since I won't be in a controlled environment, I have to control myself.

So, if it was up to me...bump vacation, I could be like many of you reading this blog and having surgery scheduled for 8/09, counting down to this Thursday but nope, I have to wait about 3 weeks....as long as they don't reschedule me, I'm happy.


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