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Frustrated......sleeve Is What I Hold On To....





This blog is NOT about my frustration with the Sleeve nor my frustration waiting to be Sleeved. I am actually excited knowing I will be Sleeved and the fact that it is August, the wait does not seem so far away (8.23). My frustration is with my life....more specifically my job. In a nutshell, I recently got promoted to a job that puts me in the spotlight of the organization I work at. I am not a person who feeds off everyone knowing my name or having power/control issues. I, like many, just want to do the best job I can do. Well, there is so much resistance from various departments....................I just want to go back to my comfort zone of a job that does not challenge me. Well, and honestly, I believe they don't take me serious as I'd want because of my weight. The fact that yes, I am uncomfortable too with it probably sends that energy out into the universe. I hate people are vain. I feel like the only way for me to truly be heard is to become someone I am not.....a b@#$%. It should not be this way....I am just tired of power struggles with people. As old as I am, I've actually been blessed to not work in an environment like the one I am in now.

No, I am not thinking once I get Sleeved, my problems will disappear.....I still have work to do inside out. I am venting and this site has become my venue. I know my life will change and with that and maybe a better/different job will come along. Right now....job, I need the insurance, lol....serve your purpose.

So glad it is Friday. In another week, I will be on vacation. I need it. I will use that time to get my mind right. My relationship with food, possible depression post surgery...all those things I've read about. I will be ready on 8.23.12. Thanks for being a venue to release mental frustration.


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I hear ya! I've got an oar on that boat and I'm right there with ya. Not so sure they'll listen to me any more than they do now, but I can guarantee you they'll hear more from me than they'll be able to see! Plus, I can stop getting the glances from people and watch them put their heads down because they're not quite sure how to interact with me. Like we can't interpret what those mean. Yes, maybe we put that vibe out there, but I can tell you this. These little skinny minnies around here will have a good run for their money when all is said and done, and I have 8 - 10 years seniority on them. Plus, the guys can stop looking at me like it hurts their eyes, and just be jealous and wonder how good my hubby has it.

Rock on, sister-friend. Take that new position and rock it! You will be the star, and they will all see just what a great person you are and how strong you are being able to do this for yourself and maybe (though doubtful) regret how they've been treating you up until now.

Vent on.....we're here for you!!!

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Thanks all, I appreciate the support so much. This site is a great sounding board and it is definitely a blessing to me....us. Life is good and will be better.

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