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Emotional Wreck! Lol

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I thought your hormone's were supposed to go haywire AFTER the surgery?


I'm 16 days until surgery. All week i've been so emotional, going from one extreme to the other. I have an anxiety and panic disorder too so this makes it worse.


I've been dealing with back pain and numbness down the sides of my legs for several months now. but the past month it's been progressively getting worse. I'd gone to the doctor on Wednesday and it did absolutely no good. they lectured me for 20 minutes on not living a life filled with narcotics. then proceeded to give me 1/4 of my normal quantity and 1/2 the strength of my normal perscription. I was really upset. I mean what am I supposed to do? Do they not beleive me? Am I just supposed to "block out the pain"?


So yesterday i'm at work and the pain was really bad. I can normally block it out pretty well at work, but not this time. I was getting frustrated with myself because I couldn't block it out. then I was getting increasingly depressed because I couldn't do anything to stop it, or make it go away. That started the anxiety. shaking my legs up and down. my thoughts racing. add that to my crying that I was trying so hard to hide. and then the panic hit! CRAP! It took me half an hour to calm myself down again. But I was able to (thank GOD) and went about my work day. but all night I was really upset about the whole ordeal, and my back, and the impatience over this surgery. I want it NOW, I want it over with, I want to get on with my life and work towards a healthier me. one that will hopefully not have this pain all the time!!!!


I just can't help thinking that if i'm this emotional now.....how am I going to be after the surgery?



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I had surgery nearly 6 weeks ago and I just want to tell you that you need to get yourself together because after surgery its another emotional and physical rollercoaster. I say this with respect and

concern, I suffer from severe, chronic back pain and I wanted my surgery so bad I could taste it.

Once I had it done, I thought the men in the white coats were going to come take me away for good,

Its a wild ride!! but, by the grace of God and holding on to God... im still here and everyday I am

feeling so much better. I still have pain but, I know that I will not end up 500lbs in a wheel chair

unable to take care of myself. Best of luck to you and God Bless

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I have anxiety issues too, and some chronic pain problems of my own.

In all likelihood, you're going to find yourself feeling so relieved that it's over for the first week or so that you won't have time for many other emotions.

I've noticed my emotions leveled out a bit after surgery, but oneangelone had the opposite happen. I suppose it's different for everyone, but just imagine all the pre-surgery stresses and nerves dissolving away, and that's how I felt for about 3 days after surgery. Just coasting :)

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Hormones are stored in your fat and as you loss weight it plays hell with them. It will level out eventually. Just hang in there you will be fine. Just remember your goal and you do have support.

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I have bipolar, so my emotions swing like mad anyway. i'm on meds to help level them out. I had a counselor that I was going to for about 2 years now. but she left the practice and I will need to find a new one I guess. I'm sure i'm going to need someone afterwards that I can talk to. Good news is that my boyfriend knows just how to snap me out of things when it gets bad. and he lives with me....God help him! LOL

Yeah, i'm nervous about it getting worse. and also wondering if I should just tell my team before I leave so that they know whats going on. that way they don't get too upset when I get back and i'm possibly an emotional wreck. my other idea was just letting it be and if i'm an emotion wreck afterwards then I can tell them on the day I get back. For now i'm leaving it be. i'll either tell them the friday i leave, or the day I get back.

and yes oneangelone I am leaning heavily on God. I don't pray alot and I don't go to church. but to me church is where ever you are, because it's in your heart that matters. I beleive God is carrying me thru this, like he has so many other situations in my life. It's the biggest reason i'm still sane. My life is a testimony to the grace and goodness of God.

TY for your responses everyone....HUGS

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