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Confession time-horrible with food intake

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Over the last couple of days I've done nothing but graze on food on and off all day long between my bouts of productivity. I don't know what it is about snowy, wintery weather, but it seems to make me feel like I have to shovel as much food in as possible. We've been out of school since last Friday and it looks like we might be out for a couple more days (new storm due to come in tomorrow afternoon) and I really need to get it together.


If the food intake wasn't bad enough, I'm hardly getting in any exercise. Last week we only had Jazzercise 1 day due to snow from the previous weekend. I did manage to get out and take a 45 minute walk this morning and shoveled for an hour Saturday and an hour Sunday, but it doesn't compare to my normal level of daily activity. Tomorrow I plan on going to the gym with my husband in the AM and then practice my audition routines in the PM. Hopefully this helps, but I don't think it can counteract the horrific eating I've allowed myself to do.


Guess I just needed to vent about my lack of willpower:-(

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Deedee -you have done such a good job until now. A little derailment is just that-a short-term derailment. At least you recognize the challenges you are facing, so now you can do something about it.

But, I do feel you. I am sooooo over the SNOWCAPOLPYSE! SNOWMAGEDDON or whatever other SNOMG name they have for it.

p.s. Since walking is a no-go- our streets are still yucky, I did Leslie S. walk at home video. They have it on-demand. Maybe you can get some exercise done that way.

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DeeDee, I think we'll all have these days. I know since my GB surgery, I've had 1 fun size snickers bar, EVERY DAY. Seriously, I never did that before, but I've been cooped up in the house, the kiddo and husband are driving me up a wall, and I can't really seem to eat anything else. I've thrown out all the rules the last few days, eaten chips, some chicken here and there, but for the most part, I've been horrible. I gained 6 pounds of water weight because they pumped me full of fluids for the surgery, and I can't seem to lose them. Well, I've dropped 1, but I'm still mad about it. Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day for both of us. I cancelled my Y membership today because I can do zero lifting for 6 weeks. I can do my regular work outs here at the house.

Don't beat yourself up. We have this tool to get us back on track, and know you'll get there. Don't give up on yourself.

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Sounds like you have been bit by the hibernation bug. I truly believe that is why people gain so much in the winter. You, from what I have read, have done extremely well. Gather yourself and refocus...well sounds like you are doing just that. Deep breath and get back up. Remember "mama said there would be days like this" =)

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Thank you both! I have to remember that I still have my tool and it make it so much easier to get back on track.

Tiff, I'm so glad you are doing okay...are you completely out of pain now? I totally understand about your husband driving you bonkers, good luck on your recovery!

Coopersmama, this SUCKS!!! I find myself constantly snapping at my husband and most people that call me are getting it too because I'm just so annoyed at mother nature. You seem to have such a great attitude...please send some my way:-)

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