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A very productive day

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Well, I live in the mid-atlantic region that now finally on the end side of an enormous snowstorm (my county is actually still under a blizzard warning). Due to this I am homebound and thought this would be a good day to accomplish some things.


First I started the huge process of cleaning out my closets, dresser, and laundry room (where I also store a lot of clothes). With the help of some others on here and a phone conversation, I decided it was time to get rid of my 14's. I even got rid of most of my 12's (saved one pair of jeans that still fit great) and quite a few of my 10's. I've only gotten through half of one closet and a couple bins from the laundry room and my jeans drawer, but I feel so much better. I took the time to try on every single item. So here is a picture of the half of closet I did. I usually prefer to wear more spring and summer colors, but now there is a definite lack of color in the wardrobe I have left. I also usually do not hang my jeans, but my closet is looking so bare:-(


About an hour into the closet organizing project, my husband wanted to do another snow shoveling round outside and since I didn't help with the first one, I got dressed and went out to help. I again am amazed at how much better my life is since I've had this surgery. I was able to shovel so much and felt sort of bad about how before losing this weight I never had energy to do much around the house or with my husband.


Overall, a very productive day!

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This snow is crazy! I was able to shovel a ton as well, way more than before. We stayed in and played a new Wii game and got lots of exercise.

Also - party was, of course, canceled! All that dress shopping for nothing. :)

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I'm so sorry about the party...but maybe you and your husband can plan a date out (maybe Valentine's) so the great dress doesn't go to waste??

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I need an ounce of your motivation DeeDee ! ! ! I have been so lazy lately, and know that one day it's gonna catch up with me. I did finally get rid of some of my lounge pants that were size 20 that I wore around the house. John finally told me it was time to let them go. I got rid of all the other clothes in bigger sizes, but I was holding onto those lounge pants. I don't know why, I found it comforting, or something. I couldn't sleep in them because I had to roll them up 6 times at the waist just so they would stay up. I hope the snow ends for y'all soon. I have some good friends up that way, and they are so tired of being cooped up in the house.

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DeeDee..your closet looks great. Now you can buy some "new" clothes to help fill it up. Hope the sun shines for you soon. I know the snow can get old very quickly.

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