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6 Month Surgiversary!!!

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Time sure has flown by these past 6 months. I feel so blessed that I was given this opportunity to get healthy and have ZERO REGRETS that I had it done. I've gotten a few private messages asking about my experience, so I thought this would be a great time and place to post a recap (as well as I can remember it). These thoughts are pretty random and just share the ups and downs of my journey so far.


I began my journey with researching wls in April of 2009. Attended a seminar with my surgeon in May, and set up my consultation visit for June 24. At my consultation I weighed 238 lbs. (down 3 pounds from my all time heaviest). I started my pre-op diet (modified Atkins) in July 2009, and had my surgery on August 4, weighing 222 lbs. Today I weigh in at 149 pounds!


My starting clothing size was a woman's 22-24. I am currently wearing a 6-8 and actually just bought yesterday a size 4 dress that fits beautifully (it obviously runs large). I never dreamed, planned, or hoped to be this small and still don't see this person. In the mirror I still see the same larger person with flaws and scars, but when I take pictures and compare them I can tell the difference.


My biggest struggle as an early post-op was with protein consumption. I was lucky to get in 30 grams of protein per day the first month out (some days I did well, but not consistently). I had a very difficult time finding protein drinks that I could tolerate. I found Chike Orange Cream and thought it tasted pretty good, but early out it would give me such bad cramping. I then found Bariatric Advantage Sangria flavor around 3 weeks post-op and did pretty well sipping one each morning.


Another struggle I faced (and still do to some extent) was with constipation. There was one time that I was constipated for like 8 days. Adding in apples and spinach seemed to help in that area.


Around 3-4 months post-op I decided to try to lose the remainder of my weight following a more balanced diet...up until that point I was pretty much sticking to no more than 30 carbs per day. The weight loss definitely slowed down when I upped the carbs, but for me it was okay. I figured if I could lose weight following a more balanced diet, I wouldn't have to worry so much in maintenance about gaining much weight back (who knows if this will actually be the case). As of today, I am still 1 pound away from my goal weight and if I don't hit goal in the next couple of weeks, I plan to low carb it for a while.


One of the BEST things I think I did during the post-op process was to establish a good, solid exercise routine. Each day from 1 day post-op, I walked A LOT. During the first month I walked the boardwalk and built up to 2-3 miles per outing. When I was cleared for exercise (4 weeks out) I started back to Jazzercise and signed up for water aerobics. The water class did not work out for different reasons, but I stuck with Jazzercise and by two months out was attending 5 days per week. I have now added a tap class (my favorite) into my schedule and have cut back one day of Jazzercise to accommodate. Each month I notice myself getting stronger and capable to do more (my energy levels are through the roof) and I feel I owe this to the exercise routine I've got going on. During this last month, although I haven't dropped much weight on the scale, I've definitely noticed myself toning up a lot more. Again, I attribute the exercising to this.


I feel so blessed that I have this tool and just want to say again, I LOVE MY SLEEVE!!!

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Oh DeeDee,

Hearing your story is soooo comforting. Just when I begin to start wondering about this (I will have it either way) I hear someone talk about their journey and I LOVE IT!!! I want to again say thanks and ROCK OFF that extra pound, girl!! GO GOAL GO!!

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Thanks for taking the time to tell us your story - I am all in and plan to get the exercise process in place - my wife is a big exercise buff and I have felt bad not going with her. Soon to be over. Again, thanks for you story it helps more than you know.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, DeeDee. You are truly an inspiration. I am having a tough time getting that protein in also!

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DeeDee, did you drink the protein drinks with milk or water? I'm having my surgery in 3 weeks and that's something I've been wondering. I've tried them with water and they taste bad but I've heard some people can't tolerate milk.

Thanks for sharing your awesome experience. I was interested to hear about your exercise element. Thanks for that. I used to love to exercise when I was lighter but it is such a chore at 238 - I can't wait to start to be lighter!! :)


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I have always been lactose intolerant so I use Lactaid fat free milk. For my Chike protein drink I used milk and ice (heck I even used 1/2 cup of no sugar added vanilla ice cream when I got desperate). For the sangria flavored one, it is more like crystal light so I used water, milk would have made it really gross. Looking back, people were right, that stage doesn't last too long in the whole scheme of things. Good luck!

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