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I have never worked out so hard!!!

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My audition to become a Jazzercise instructor is less than a month away. Today they offered a 2 hour class to work on movement technique for us trainees. I ended up spending an extra hour after that to work on certain moves, so spent a total of 3 hours exercising. I am so sore!


I'm also starting to wonder if I might need to wait until April or June to audition. For the most part, my movements were okay...the main trainer walked around the room and gave us immediate feedback. BUT I had a lot of difficulty with keeping up with the proper intensity. I know it didn't help that we had to repeat many of the most intense parts multiple times. The problem is that for the most part I was working as intense as I could and it still wasn't enough.


In two more weeks we have another one of these training sessions and our instructor said she'd let us know if she thought we might want to hold off until a later audition. I know that each week I'm building more muscle and getting stronger (I'm quite proud of how far I've come with strength and endurance since November when I had my movement screening), I just don't know if I'll be where I need to be by mid-February. I also know there are things I can do to build my strength/endurance, but don't want to push my body any more than I currently am, just feel I'll get stronger with time.


So we'll see if I audition in February or wait until April or June. But, I am very proud of myself for making it this far and know that I will audition eventually. Today was just a needed wake up call.

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I'm super proud of for staying motivated. I agree that you can't force your body to do. If you need to hold off, and build more strength, then do it. Set a new goal, and you'll get there.

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You are doing so WONDERFUL! What an amazing accomplishment in such a short period of time. And, think of the lives you will be positively impacting as an instructor!

Keep up the great work!

(and......for what it's worth, I think I'm running neck to neck in the weight loss department based on the stats that you've shared with others, so I can relate to the slow and steady pace that you have lost, and you have done a GREAT JOB!).....you have become my poster sleeve girl!

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Thanks ladies for the words of encouragement! I soaked in the tub last night and this morning I wasn't sore, but by the end of the workday, I noticed pain settling between my shoulder blades. Definitely planning on sticking to the current routine...don't want to stress my body out any more.

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You are one determined girl Dee dee. I know you will get there one way or another! I took an aquacise class today that wore me out. Lots of catching up to do with my body. Keep it up!!

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