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Easy Breezy....

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WLS is not Cover Girl. Easy Breezy is not a definition that can be used when talking about WLS.


In reading the comments posted on Fox News regaurding Gov. Christie's lapband surgery, I was disturbed to see that people still see WLS as the easy way out. What I would like to know is what part of major surgery is easy?


While lapband surgery is not a horrible ordeal to face, it isn't all sugar plums and roses. I was sick after surgery, felt like crap. Then I had trouble taking in enough. Then I was starving hungry. Then when I started eating again I was terrified. As the first 50 lbs melted away I was thrilled with my decision to have lapband, once I got past the 199 mark, the next 10 lbs took 4 months! I am still very glad I choose this change and committed to it.


Just because you have WLS doesn't mean your cravings, desires, wants disappear. We have to learn to manage these things. WLS success requires a huge committment to change your lifestyle. This pathway to health is worth it, but it is far from easy.


May 22nd I will be 11 months post op and I have gone from 244 to 188. I have gone from wearing a tight 18W to a very comfy 14. I know longer wear the 1-2X shirts, I know easily wear a large. These things are awesome and make then changes I committed to well worth the struggle.


Every day brings with it a new set of challenges, opticles, highs and lows, but it is worth it to finally feel "normal".


I no longer walk into places and feel like people are looking at me due to my weight. I am no longer paranoid over it (well almost there). I love walking into stores and being able to find cute clothes. I walked past the Women's sizes the other day in Belk and saw a cute top- guess what all they had were to big for me :). My husband hugs me and comments frequently how small I feel and how proud he is of me.


So no matter how people view the surgery, no matter if it is hard or easy, I don't give a rats bootie- this is my life and I choose health. I choose to change. I am on this journey. I still have 45 lbs left to loose. I won't make it to goal in a year. But by golly I will make it. One day, I will see the blessed 140's. I am not sure how much more changing and rearranging I will have to do to my life style, but I am committed and I will do what I must to finally acheive my dreams!

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I agree with you. As for losing weight slow now, me too! I had my last fill the beginning of February and have loss less than 10 since then. My next appointment is in 3 weeks. But remember we are both thinner now than 1 year ago. Our clothes are smaller, too.

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I quess everyone is different....aside from the first 6 months to maybe a year, it was tough...downright hell....

But now it is easy breezy....I may have desires and cravings, but the band is there to prevent me from doing something stupid....but then I'm very rarely hungry..

Green Zone says "Not Hungry", "Portion Control", "Steady Weight loss" resulting in "Patient Satisfaction"......for me, it does not get any easier than that....what more do I need to do?

Granted, not everyone gets there...I have my opinions why, but that is all they are...Opinions so I'll not say.....

All one has to do is scan through the posts on this website and you can see how many people are frustrated everyday....

So yes, telling people it is "easy breezy" is not sincere or accurate because many people will not experience it.....

When I first started this journey, my Surgeon showed me the "Yellow-Green-Red" chart, and he said THIS is where our goal is....this is what I want for you....and I never doubted him and that was always my goal......

I am also glad I did not find this website till AFTER I had my surgery...otherwise I'm not sure where I would be today....too many mixed signals, too easy to get confused as opposed to a single source and goal....

But then, that's just me and my experience with the band.

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great post kime. I speak only for me and in reference, but if I didn't want to lose weight and get healthy, no WLS or gimmick would help. it may help a little but the fire goes out and them boom...so I had to make a choice, much like you wrote....we make our destiny. I firmly believe you either go for it with all your heart and give it a (chance) or you don't....believe...and want it..

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