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Fad Diets And Lap Band: "this Is Not A Diet"



Well I just thought I would blog a little tonight. We have all made it through Thanksgiving but we still have Christmas and New Years to survive and oh let's not forget all the wonderful goodies that will be floating around the office and at families and friends houses all holiday season... So that is what brings me to my topic today: Fad diets and Lap Band, "This is not a Diet"


First I have a couple of questions:

1. How many of you have stopped losing and felt frustrated with the band?

2. How many of you have been so frustrated that you were tempted to fall right back into the dieting yo-yo behaviors of the past?

3. How many of you have been tempted to just leave your band a little tight so you would lose weight faster?

4. How many of you have been tempted to go back to phase one of eating, you know shakes,liquidsiguids, etc?

5. How many of you have been so desperate to see that scale move that you would just about try anything?


Well if this is YOU, than STOP!


Living with Lapband is not about fad diets and continuing some of the same behaviors that got us to this point in the first place. This is a life style change and none of us got obese over night, so why do we expect to become thin over night. Simple: It is just human nature and we live in an instant gratification superficial society. I posted a book in a blog several months ago and I am reposting tonight for those of you who want to continue to use your lap band as the tool it was intended. This was a book written by a lap band surgeon after studying patients who were committed to losing 90-100% of their excess body weight.


I was one of those people who was stalled, no matter what I did the scale sat there and taunted me with the same numbers day after day. I was one of those who looked over and over my diary sheets trying to find out what I was doing wrong. So why didn't the scale move? To lose weight you have to eat 3500 calories less than your body needs to drop "1" pound. Now does everyone really understand what that means, I didn't. Well that's not true, I had read that before and I did know it but I didn't really get "it". Basically you have to eat less and do more but there is a perfect balance of how many calories you need to take in so your body does not think you are starving. Everyone needs to know what their BMR is and understand what that means. This is the amount of calories your body needs just to maintain a normal day of sleeping, eating, working and playing. Everyone;s is different and based on how active you are. I have a sedentary life style, I work in an office and I am basically inactive 10-12 hours a day, moderately active about 2 hours a day and maybe very active about 1 hour a day (if I go to the gym)

I really began to understand this once I started wearing my Fit Bit and it took me weeks even wearing this before I really understood why my scales were not moving. I was eating band friendly foods, eating within my allotted calories and portions but the scale would move small increments or not at all. When I started to really analyze my intake and activity I finally started to realize i was losing what was expected due to my intake and my activity. Well I knew i was not going to eat less so I made a decision to be more active. I increased my protein intake, did cardio 5 days a week and strength training 3 days a week. Basically I became recommitted to my band and to living healthy. I had the eating part down but the activity part I still struggled with, I was inconsistant with my exercise and the level and intensity of the exercise.


This is not an easy journey by far but it is achievable with dedication, accountability and true grit!


No one told us this would be easy!

No one told us this would happen over night!

And they did tell us we would have to follow the rules and learn to make the band work for us. Key words, "Make the Band Work for Us!"


So for all you Newbies out there please realize that success with Lap Band can be a reality, it does take hard work and it is worth every new lesson you learn along the way. When reading the forums learn from both the postive and the negative, there is something that can be learned from everyones successes and failures.


So as promised, attached is the book by Dr. Simpson, "The Last 30 Pounds" .


Wishing everyone a Very Happy Holiday Season, and remember this is not a "DIEt"




The Last 30 Pounds.pdf


Recommended Comments

A great blog Love! It really should go on a thread to make sure everyone see's it and reads it, not hidden away for a select few who read blogs. Everyone needs to read this!

Another great thing is knowing you've been there, done that.

Thank you for your wisdom, encouragement ,love & the book!

You're the best!

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Great blog and great information. I am still in the early stages and losing consistently (for now). I will definitely keep this in mind when/should I reach a point of plateau or frustration.

I always appreciate hearing stories of others that are successful with the band over time to get real life tips and ideas of how to be successful long-term on this journey.

You are very inspiring and keep sharing!

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love it and love you love *of course you knew that*

no diet is gonna make anyone lose weight.

to lose weight, with the help of the band, we must change what/how much we eat and move.

pretty simple. the band gives me an extra encouragement.

the hard part is (us) believing we can do this.

your post let me know (and others who read it) know we can.

****kisses**** ps--still want red pants pics....

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