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What I Think Are Keys To A Successful Journey. Just My Opinion And So Far It Works For Me



Everyone has opinions and advice and that is what makes us different individually. I am not one to sugar coat things but for someone to come and tell another "you are giving out bad information or advice" is just dead wrong. That is the opinion bad information or advice is being given.


Keys to a successful journey in my opinion is:

  • Patience
  • Education
  • Following basic guidelines set forth by a Doctor and/or Nutritionist
  • Making good food choices
  • Develop good eating habits such as eating slow, smaller portions and chewing up food very fine
  • Analyze your hunger to ensure it is really truly hunger and not head hunger
  • Patience
  • Ongoing Education throughout your journey
  • Constant follow up with Doctors and Nutritionists throughout the journey. This is a must should band adjustments be needed.

While I understand is is perfectly normal to read up on the manufacture website on the product I think I would put more faith in the experience others have had with the product and that goes for both patients and medical professionals alike. I read up on Realize band on the manufacture website but in the end they are trying to sell a product. I want to hear from the 'end users' and the medical professionals who work with the product.



Just my penny worth of thoughts


Oh and Fen-Phen said they could help people lose weight as well but in the end the drug was pulled for causing serious health issues along with deaths and they ended up shelling out $13 billion in settlements. Anyone who just takes the word of a manufacturer as FACT or word of law is not a wise person.


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Insightful. Thanks!

My doctor went over the Realize band with me and he said his patience liked it for two reasons. 1) not as rigid of plastic on the band so in the green zone even an occasional piece of steak would be do-able and 2) the port was a little bigger making it easier on fills.

He agreed with them too. I decided to go with that one. My surgery is scheduled for oct 5th.

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