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Surgery Vs. Faith

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One of the most confusing and frustrating internal road blocks I have come across in regards to getting lap-band is how to reconcile my faith with the need to have this surgery done.


Within the past few years, I have re-committed myself to my faith and become saved for the second time in my life. Don't get me wrong, I won't beat anybody over the head with my Bible (lol) but I don't hesitate to tell anyone who will listen about God's love for them and Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. I think it's amazing how God, who made every single thing in the universe, still cares about each and every one of us. It also blows me away how Jesus loved us all so much that he died to save us. There aren't enough words for me to tell how much I am deeply moved by this, and I spend time each day in prayer thanking the Lord for everything he has done for us.


The problem is this - there's a little voice in the back of my head that says "You know, if you were a better Christian, you wouldn't need surgery. If your faith were stronger, you would be healed by the grace of God, not need to turn to surgery by the hands of a man. It's just because you don't pray/believe/give/whatever enough that you have to do this." It's a hard thing to ignore.


How do you reconcile the idea of having surgery with God's promise to heal His children? Jesus healed many, many people, and he always explained it by saying that it was their faith that caused them to be healed. So what does that mean for people like me? Can it be that I simply don't believe strongly enough in my God's ability to heal me? I know that He can do all things, because He has created all things. Don't get me wrong, I am not the perfect Christian. I don't read my Bible every day. I'm not always as patient as I should be. I don't have a church home. I even swear on occasion (*gasp!* rolleyes5.gif ) But I do love Him and seek Him out, and I am trying. And so far as I can tell, that's all that we can do. We are not God, we are human, and no human is perfect.


One day I was in the midst of one of these "doubting sessions" and beginning to think that maybe it was true, maybe I was just an awful Christian and not worthy of healing. Just as I was beginning to entertain this idea, a thought came to me: Who do you think gave the surgeon his gift? Who do you think made the surgeon to begin with? How do you think this surgery was even thought up in the first place? And then I realized that maybe it was not surgery vs. faith; maybe my healing will be done through this surgeon because this is how God intends to heal me. It's not a question of turning to modern medicine and away from God, because it was through God that modern medicine came to be. He gave us an inquisitive nature, He made people who aspired to help others, and He gave us the ability to create technologies that can improve the health of many.


I think we tend to compartmentalize "God over here, science over here" as if they are two different and opposing things. I believe they are not. I hope that anyone reading this with the same problem that I had can be comforted by the realization that not all healings are of the "miraculous, out-of-thin-air" type. There are all kinds of different ways that God can manifest healing in your life. Don't beat yourself up over a problem that doesn't exist. In the words of my son's favorite animated tomato, "God made you special, and he loves you very much." heart.gif

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My faith teaches me that nothing happens without the will of God. And if it brings about good then you can rest assured that it is a blessing from God. It also reminds me that Satan is very aware of human consciousness and our fears. he (Satan) has been around a long time and knows what to whisper to a person to make them doubt a decision that might lead them to glorify God in a way they've never been capable of doing.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be for you to not carry around a ton of weight, how much easier it would be for you to praise and worship God, how grateful of a servant you would become and how high your confidence would soar. Satan knows that if he can keep you in this state of mind in body (spirit) he can keep you away from God.

God creates, man manipulates. If there is a tool out there that can help you reach your weight loss goals you should thank God for His mercy on those of us who thought we were doomed to this unhealthy state of physical self, that He has given us the knowledge to create the tools to cure ourselves.

God bless you and keep you in a positive state of mind! :-D

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I just want to say that I know exactly where you are coming from! I have prayed for a long time for God to show me what i need to do to lose weight and keep it off. And i went to my dr and asked her what kind of diet i needed to be on to lose weight, and she then point blank said....“have you ever considered lapband?” And at first i was kinda stunned and didn't know what to think. But then I started to feel like I had failed bc I haven't been successful on my own. But I realized this surgery is a tool...not a overnight fix....and God knows it's a process, lol...but I need something that will change my life...and I truely feel like God said “this is it, this is your answer”. And of course as soon as I accepted this new chapter the devil has battled me. Making me feel like I will fail if I try this bc I have failed at losing weight my whole life. And then I felt doubt and confusion creep in...BUT then I remembered my Bible says that God does not create confusion....that satan does...so I knew I chose the right path. I am (almost) 27, I have a 6 year old daughter and a great life with my husband. But I feel like I have let them down bc of my weight gain....my weight has held me back for far too long. And i not only want to do this to make them proud of me...but I want to be proud of me. I am still going through my processing stages, and my insurance co. Has an awesome team of supporters that helped me get started. I still have a ways to go....but its exciting, sometimes scary and overwhelming....but I am confident in God that He will give me the strength to accomplish my goals. The devil has told me all my life that im a failure, I am unworthy and I should give up bc I will mess up and fail. BUT I CAN DO ALL* THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHICH STRENGTHENS ME....and so can u! Hold your head up! Rebuke the devil and the lies he is trying to feed u....and put him under your feet! You are a child of the ALMIGHTY and he has set you free! We don't earn forgiveness....he just shows us his love and mercy if we ask! (sorry so long)

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I truly believe God has blessed you by giving you the power to seek out someone to help you. Remember, God will not give us any more than we can handle. He is giving you strength and he has given you the freedom of choice. Rest assured, your decision to have the lapband is not the work of the devil, but that of Jesus and his everlasting love.

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if you had a broken leg and not a weight prob would you refuse surgery or medical help because you were hoping God would heal your leg ? i think not. read through your story again and substitute "broken leg" for "weight problem" and see what you get. best of luck to you.

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@MrsBaxter, I'm sorry that you have had to go through this too, but it is nice to know that I'm not the only one who has struggled with this issue. You are so right, we can do all things through Him.

@Zil, Thank you. I am trying to drive out that little nagging voice of doubt, because I know that it is the devil trying to bring me back down. But you are right, Christ lifts me up every time.

@Pink Dahlia, You're very right. Isn't it funny though how we wouldn't hesitate to get treatment for any other health condition, but obesity is something we are supposed to handle on our own? Like we somehow asked for this in the first place? (I think I'll have to rant about this in a later blog post :) )

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