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Deep Gurgling and Burping



The last few days my stomach has been roaring and rumbling. I am eating like I normally do and I don't feel hungry but these are so deep and loud at least to me. I can't imagine what this annoying feeling can be. It doesn't hurt it jsut rocks my core sometimes. The first time it happened I thought I was going to vomit because I could feel it resonate from the bottom of my stomach all the way up and out. I haven't weight agian since Monday but I guess I have been curious so I will probably go weigh this afternoon. Anyone got any ideas on what is going on?


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I gurgle and rumble all the time....I am 7 weeks post op and have read of people having this for months to a year!!

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It sounds like a clogged drain per my husband. Burping gives me relief. I get it after a fill and sometimes when I eat too much. My surgery was Dec 31st and I still get that feeling. I always tell my husband it is some more fat getting ready to leave my body. 55 lbs down, doing about 1lb a week so on Friday, tomorrow, hope I can say 56 pounds down.


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Gurgling and burping...all good things as it's my indicator that the restriction is there. I couldn't burp to save my life before, now...I burp like a teenage boy (I have two of them). Air has to come up for the food/drink to go down...think of it like a funnel. You'll get used to it. I love feeling the gurgling with my morning coffee, reassures me that the Band is helping me today! -BG

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Gurgling and burping makes me laugh to myself, I remember an episode of Wife swap where a lady would teach little girls manners and had those girls to learn to burp "inside themselves" lol ...it was a funny show....anyway I guess I have this to look forward to the rest of my life....I had LBS 6/13/12 and it still hurts me inside my core as someone said "core" it feels raw...but the burping sure does feel good....I'll take the burp over vomiting anyday

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