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Hey everybody I’m about 5 days post op sleeve. I’m feeling very defeated, but also super laggy today. I feel so normal but not eating normal is messing with my brain. Does anyone feel like that, does it pass
I’d love some guidance. I’m on the younger side so I don’t have anyone really to talk to about this because none of my friends have gone through this. I was also on the light side when i had it so I don’t feel I get any support from my friends because they don’t see the point. They don’t know all the medical conditions that brought me here. I’d love to have some support and maybe those who are further along have more advice.

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I had that ‘lag’ too. I think it is the lack of calories and the lowered amount of Water. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get through it. Now, 3.5 months out, my body got used to the lack of food and I have so much energy! Remember that you just went through a major surgery and your body is healing….take care of yourself! At this point make sure you practice at drinking more and start focusing on meeting your Protein goal. It will get better!

Oh, and take naps when you can, they help!

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The surgery throws you on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Plus you’re healing from a pretty major surgery, you’re on a restricted, low calorie diet. So having low energy & feeling flat or down emotionally is quite common. It does pass but when is an individual thing.

You also haven’t experienced anything like this before & as you said don't know anyone who has which would add to any feelings of being lost or confused. There are lots of people here happy to help, offer suggestions, offer support & to Celebrate with you. It was a great source of information & advice when I began. You don’t have to post. Sometimes just reading about others’ experiences can be helpful.

Maybe sitting down with your closest friends to explain why you chose to have the surgery may help them understand your reasons better & they may become more supportive. It is something that will be part of your life & you will be making changes to your eating, physical activity, etc. Having them onside would be helpful.

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At day 5 I was pretty miserable. At day 7 I tried to check my work emails and had to quit after 30 minutes - the brain fog was real! At two weeks I was ready to work again (desk job) but I needed breaks to clear my head. I'm a month out today and I'm back to mostly full speed now, although eating has it's challenges.

You're only 5 days out from MAJOR surgery. Yes, you need a support system, but I had a great support system and I still needed two weeks to be able to work a desk job again.

You'll get there!

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    • Vitra  »  Garnold03

      Lololol...sad but true.. make sure you have probiotics in your diet daily. It helps your b m not have the horrible odor since we do not have the duodenum. I don't understand why they take that part out but they shouldn't leave it. Everything you eat and you can smell. But when you get back to normal eating it is off the chain.
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    • UniquelyMe28

      Exciting news for me. Found out I will be having my surgery October 25th! 
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      1. Alyssa Dalrymple

        Goodluck on your big day

    • Jrule

      Any od 63 years old  or older having weight loss surgery or have had weight loss surgery.
      · 2 replies
      1. Ladidi

        I’m 67 and will be 68 when I have my surgery at the beginning of next year.

      2. Maylin

        I’m 67 and had surgery in September.

    • HeBrokeTheChains

      I had surgery on September 27th and I am one of the very blessed ones that have had no pain to speak of besides a couple days of gas pain. I have lost 9 lb since surgery, and I am feeling a little like I should have lost more by now. Is that realistic? Or am I being too fussy?
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    • QUEEN2021

      Hello everyone.. I had my surgery on Sept 30th 2021.. and it has been an horrible experience to me. I can't hold down fluids or soft food. so much mucus is coming up!! and I'm spitting all day. I'm so sad over this journey. is anyone having this same issue? if so, what are you doing about it. 
      · 2 replies
      1. SleeverSk

        Are you on meds for reflux? If not you should be at this point. If you are already on reflux meds get in touch with your surgeon asap as this is not normal. If fact i would be getting in touch with the surgeon either way. I hope your issue is resolved and you feel better soon

      2. Alyssa Dalrymple

        I have threw up clear mucus every time I ate something that didn’t sit well with my stomach. I’ve been trying to get too ahead of myself though I had surgery September 22 I noticed that when I eat smaller slower bites I don’t throw up as much

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