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  1. SarahMan80

    I feel like I’m failing

    I am 4 months out and just had an appointment with the surgeon last week. He suggested eating one meal a day in order to keep my blood sugar from spiking in my body. He stated that my body has enough stored fat and if I follow Intermittent Fasting/OMAD I will lose weight faster. This is in complete opposition to the nutritionists that work in his own office. If I eat just one meal a day at this point there is NO WAY I'd be able to meet my protein goals and my calorie intake would be miniscule. So, I am actually going to ignore my surgeons suggestion on this. I am going to keep eating according to the nutritionists well thought out plan and lose the weight when I lose the weight. Stick to what your comfortable with.... remember, losing weight is not a race.
  2. I ran for 10 minutes straight today an my knees did not hurt!
  3. SarahMan80

    Post op lag

    I had that ‘lag’ too. I think it is the lack of calories and the lowered amount of water. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get through it. Now, 3.5 months out, my body got used to the lack of food and I have so much energy! Remember that you just went through a major surgery and your body is healing….take care of yourself! At this point make sure you practice at drinking more and start focusing on meeting your protein goal. It will get better! Oh, and take naps when you can, they help!
  4. SarahMan80

    Tracking weight loss

    Baritastic is what I use for food. It also tracks my weight by linking to my Fitindex app that is connected via Bluetooth to my scale. Fitindex does BMI and other weight related measurements….they also have a Bluetooth measuring tape that is awesome. So, I step on the scale, Fitindex logs the weight and the weight is automatically transferred to Baritastic.
  5. SarahMan80

    Small NSV

    I had a small NSV today. I put on a size large t-shirt and it actually fit! This is surprising to me as I am a slow loser and thought it would take longer for this to happen! I've had other victories but this one stuck me as the shirt I tried on has been in my closet for years....and I can finally fit into it!! I can't wait until I shrink into the rest of my clothes! Many best wishes and small NSV's to you all!
  6. SarahMan80

    stopped weight loss

    If you’re working out that much, try adding extra healthy calories (100ish) to your diet. That’s what worked for me when I started working out. Weight started moving again.
  7. I just tried this. It worked I just did this too. I was sitting down and didn’t realize it until I looked down. My legs are crossed without any issues!
  8. SarahMan80

    Cooking for the family post-surgery

    That is exactly what I did! My husband and two teenagers were either spending too much on takeout or only eating junk food for dinner. I used to cook all the time because I love(d) to cook, but after surgery it's hard to find motivation to get in the kitchen. Hello fresh brings in new flavors and the recipes I pick only need slight modifications for the post surgery diet. My portion can last 2-3 meals. Having the recipes in hand also helps my husband do the cooking with my minimal assistance.
  9. It wouldn’t hurt and would give you a little preview of your post surgery diet. I did not find the pre-surgery diet too much of an issue. The extra protein really (and surprisingly) filled me up. I say go for it and get a jump on the weight loss. Your plan sounds feasible. If for some reason you don’t stick to it or “cheat”, just remember that this diet wasn’t mandatory for you in the first place.
  10. SarahMan80


  11. SarahMan80

    Sick from protein powders

    I had an adverse reaction to any creamy protein shake after surgery. I’m almost 2 months out and I still can’t stomach them. I found that the Isopure fruit flavored powders work best for me. It is a clear protein drink. You can get them on Amazon or at GNC. There are several flavors….mixed berry is my favorite. Also try Gatorade protein drinks, they are good in a pinch.
  12. SarahMan80

    Returning to work

    I agree. I have a desk job and returned to the office after a week and a half. The first two days back I needed to leave early because I was exhausted due to only having 200-300 calories a day. By the third day my body was used to the lack of calories and I was able to make it all day. If I were to relive the situation, I would have taken a full 2 weeks.
  13. That is exactly how I felt. The Premier Protein shakes (all flavors) made me feel horrible and therefore I was unable to ingest them easily. I found that clear protein drinks were what worked for me. Especially Isopure powder (berry and tropical flavors). They have it on Amazon, I suggest getting a shaker bottle too if you don’t already have one. I also use an unflavored protein powder to mix in with my food and morning decaf coffee. I can get ‘Orgain Grass Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Protein Powder’ at my local grocery (HEB) and Amazon. Good luck and I hope you get back to your protein goals!
  14. SarahMan80

    10 Weeks Post Op Help

    Do you track the food you are eating? Making sure you are getting enough protein while staying low carb? Also, you’re weight lifting 5 days a week and muscle weighs more than fat. You might be losing fat and replacing it with muscle. Maybe go by inches lost or how clothing fits rather than how much weight you lost.
  15. SarahMan80

    I tried again and I did it

    Clear liquids (according to my diet plan) are water, broth, sugar free jello, calorie free gatorade/powerade, sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, unsweet tea, decaf coffee, calorie free- non carbonated drinks, and clear protein drinks. And if it is really needed, pedialyte.
  16. SarahMan80

    I tried again and I did it

    It took me about a week and a half for the gas pressure to go away. I used gas-x, walking, sitting as straight as possible while resting (don’t know why but it made me feel better) and sleeping on an incline. I also found that only drinking clear liquids during this time helped. The creamy protein shakes I liked before surgery were disgusting and hurt my stomach after surgery. I am not sure if this assisted in the gas pain but it helped in my overall pain and discomfort. I stuck to the Isopure Protein Drink Powder (tastes like vitamin water to me). I hope your pain settles soon.
  17. SarahMan80

    I tried again and I did it

    Congratulations! I am glad it worked this time! I am 4+ weeks out and can tell you that it will get better. Just work on drinking water, ingesting protein and walking. It will be worth it!
  18. This measuring tape is awesome. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and its ‘FITINDEX’ app works well with my older Bluetooth enabled scale.
  19. SarahMan80

    Self Pay

    I am in San Antonio, Tx so I might be a bit far for you. I went to Dr Cárcamo at South Texas Surgeons and spent $9,900 for my sleeve. Self pay made everything super easy, I was able to schedule my surgery for 2 weeks after my initial appointment. The package includes the surgery, anesthesia, about 24 hours of a hospital care, 2 meetings with a nutritionist and a total of 3 or 4 appointments with the doctor afterwards. They are super nice and always available if I have questions. I got the sleeve four weeks ago and after the initial post surgery discomfort (not pain) I am feeling fine and about 40 pounds down from when I first walked into the place. I'd recommend them to anyone. https://www.stxsurgeons.com/
  20. SarahMan80

    How much more are you planning to lose??

    I've been thinking about this a lot and I just started my weight loss less than a month ago. I have come to the conclusion that I will answer unwanted weight questions with another question to put the onus back on the person and hopefully make them realize that they are asking an intrusive question. So, if anyone (who is not closely acquainted to me) asks....'How much more weight you going to lose?' or 'How much have you lost?' I will respond with a very serious 'Why do you ask?' because my weight is no one else's business.... and no one has the right to comment on my body anymore.
  21. SarahMan80


    I agree with the Bariatric Advantage calcium citrate chews. I like the assorted fruit flavors. https://store.bariatricpal.com/products/bariatric-advantage-calcium-citrate-chewy-bites-500mg-10-flavors?variant=29100128436301
  22. SarahMan80

    Surgery June 25th

    I had a popsicle today, it was nice. I was able to finish it with no issues. Jello on the other hand made my (now smaller) stomach revolt. Sorry to hear that walking is not going well for you. Hopefully you’ll be able to get around soon
  23. SarahMan80

    Surgery June 25th

    I just had my sleeve on 25 June also…24 hour out I am able to get water and broth down with little pain. The gas pain, which hurt the most has finally started to dissipate. Walking when I get a serious bout if pain seems to really help. I hope everything is well with you! It is just the start for us!

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