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  1. OK so I got in touch with my Doctors office today they submitted my paperwork to my insurance company...BCBS of OKLA. I've done my weight management for 3 months. SHOULD I START MY 2 week liquid diet TOMORROW before I get the appoval or do I wait for the Doctor to tell me when to start? Tonight is my Company Christmas party and I've had it in my head this is my "LAST STEAK SUPPER" for a while. I know I'm a nut! LOL Am I jumping the gun?? I just don't know HOW LONG it will take my insurance company to give them the OK! I WANT this surgery THIS YEAR because my deductable is going to DOUBLE next year. OH PLEASE what SHOULD I DO? I WANT to get on the ONEDERLAND train with you already!!! TOOT TOOT LOL
  2. hopeandfaith

    Should I start it already???

    THANKS ALL! I know every Doctor has you do something different but my Doctor already told me that I have to be on a liquid diet for 2 weeks before he will do surgery. That is why I wondered if I should start it tomorrow so if my insurance give the OK I will be ready! I wish I only had to do it for a few days it would make it easier to wait.
  3. hopeandfaith

    My HUSBAND told me to ask YOU!!

    SUSANNE you are SO RIGHT! I'm going to tell him that TONIGHT! You told me ask and they told me to tell your family the TRUTH! OMG just thinking about it makes me feel BETTER! It's HARD being EXCITED about something you can't SHARE! At least it is for me!!! I LOVE to SHARE GOOD NEWS!!!!
  4. hopeandfaith

    My HUSBAND told me to ask YOU!!

    LOL THANK YOU ALL! I DON'T have a problem telling my IN LAWS it's my Husband that doesn't want HIS family to find out. I've told everyone in my family EXCEPT one SKINNY Sister...only because she will me MAD at me. I have a forum on that one too....Torn on what to do with her! LOL I thought about NOT going but my daughters pitched a fit! I missed Thanksgiving with them because I went out of town with my MOM! I'm NOT Sleeved yet but hope to be around Christmas! I do have another question. When you are doing the liquid diet for two weeks before surgery and after surgery can you drink the broth from stew? That would be clear liquid right? THIS MIGHT BE MY ANSWER....just might have to ask if we can do Stew for Christmas!
  5. hopeandfaith


    I feel the same way....this waiting game is KILLING ME! In fact, I just emailed my Dr office to push a little more. LOL
  6. hopeandfaith


    How long did it take for them to approve you? I'm WAITING....did all my weight loss management....waiting on insurance to say DO IT!! OH and I'm SO HAPPY you are approved!!!
  7. hopeandfaith

    TORN on what to do

    THANK YOU ALL for your feedback!
  8. The MOST IMPORTANT thing about buying a Crock pot is BUY ONE that YOU CAN SEPARATE!!! EASY cleaning...if you purchase one that is all together then you have to be careful when you wash it not the get the electric wires wet!! If you buy it separate you just pick the crock out of the pot and wash it! PLUS, sometimes I put together everything the night before and store in my refrigerator so I don't have prepare it before work!!! Next morning I just take the CROCK out and put in the POT and set it on LOW and cook all day!! It's WONDERFUL!!!
  9. Tonight my husband said OH YEAH I forgot to tell you. I was flipping channels the other day and came across this 400 pound guy on TV (picture). I was going to change the channel but then heard him say Weight lose surgery. He said they showed him NOW and WOW you should have seen the difference and the guy is a runner now. I asked him what kind of surgery he had and my husband said OH I didn't listen that close! LOL He was SO EXCITED talking about it! It made me feel like he is OK now! I just wanted to let you know the MAN can change his mind! LOL See I told you I'm on an EMOTIONAL roller coaster WAITING for my Surgery Date. I'm crying one minute and so DOWN and smiling at little things like this! I don't know WHAT is WRONG with me! It has to be this WAITING game...its not my monthly (sorry guys) because I don't get that anymore! LOL
  10. hopeandfaith

    Just a little tip

    I LOVE my chopper! It works GREAT on Ground meat of any kind AND I've used it when I saute onion, celery, and mushrooms just to get them smaller yet....once they are tender it is EASY to chop! Best purchase!!!
  11. hopeandfaith

    My husband is a jacka**

    Lisabug I AM SO SORRY you are dealing with this when you are trying to heal! I've been married since I was 18...I'm 46 now. It HAS NOT BEEN an easy road to say the least BUT you have to talk to him. REMEMBER most men are like LITTLE BABIES and have to be reassured that you LOVE them. Don't ask me WHY and they say women are hard to read. LOL All I know is when I went on a CHURCH retreat my husband FREAKED!!! He LIKES to play the OH I CAN LIVE WITHOUT YOU TYPE...my daughters tell me differently when I'm out of town...LOL Anyway, when I came back from retreat he ignored me...came to church but STOOD in the back and LEFT ASAP..didn't show up at the lunch afterwards even. My two daughters went looking for him but COULDN'T find him. When I finally came home after lunch he drove in....I said HEY I've missed you! He said are you DIFFERENT...I said NOPE I'm the same person just found an inner peace I didn't know I needed. He left again! FINALLY at 8 that night we were sitting outside and my youngest daughter said DAD WHAT IS WRONG with you....YOU are acting like a CHILD!! He said, well someone told me that Mom was going to came back a CHANGED women and would LEAVE ME!!! I was like OH MY GOSH WHO in the WORLD would tell you something like that? I told him I LOVE him more now then before I left! I'm telling you this story because it sounds like you husband is acting like an ass because he is SCARED you are going to CHANGE and LEAVE him. Men can be SO DUMB!!!! When I told my husband I was having this surgery he told me I was a FAILURE AT LIFE! Yep, that is what he told me! Since then we have talked A LOT and I've told him I NEED him and he HAS to HELP me. My daughter told me he is INSECURE AGAIN!!!! SCARED I'm going to LEAVE HIM because someone told him MOST WOMEN LEAVE their husbands after they LOSE WEIGHT. I tell you MEN TALK MORE CRAP TO EACH OTHER!!! LOL I'm sorry this is so long but my advise to you is TALK TO YOUR HUSBAND! Tell him that you LOVE HIM. I HOPE this HELPS! PLEASE, PLEASE takecare of YOURSELF!
  12. hopeandfaith

    Fab 40's shout out

    Ok I know this forum is older but I will put my two cents in! LOL I'm 46 and have been married 28 years. I have two girls 22 and 25. I'm not sleeved yet but HOPEFULLY sometime in the last two weeks of this MONTH!! No matter where you live USA or over seas..... TRUST me when I FINALLY get my surgery date you will hear me CELEBRATING!!! LOL
  13. hopeandfaith

    18 month post-sleeve check in

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for POSTING!!! Just yesterday I was reading a new forum and I thought....Hmmm I wonder what Tiffykins would say to help them!! LOL You are an INSPIRATION to us ALL!!! I haven't read a lot about long term Sleevers so I'm SO HAPPY to read your SUCCESS!!! Thank you for being there for US!! I know when I FINALLY get Sleeved I will be needing MORE HELP and SUPPORT! Like you, I don't know HOW I WOULD HAVE MANAGED WITHOUT THIS WEBSITE and ALL of the WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL PEOPLE and the FANTASTIC SUPPORT! I honestly believe I wouldn't be having the surgery because of my family but once I wrote my story out here and got the support I was looking for.....Well let's just say I'M READY for a NEW ME!!!!
  14. So I was SO EXCITED that today was my LAST weigh in for my insurance. THANK GOODNESS I asked the nurse did you send my last weigh in information to my Sleeve Dr? Well sure enough NO! So they filled out two today and I TAKE them to email. I told my Doctor I know you are busy so I will make sure to send them. She kept a copy just in case! Anyway, I get to work and scan both pages and email. Waiting, waiting, waiting to get the email that they read my email. Finally, I called the Sleeve Doctors office and the lady that does the insurance is out for the week! Will be back Monday. I was SO HOPING she would send my info into the insurance today and I would get a call MONDAY with my surgery date. I asked the lady answering the phone can't anyone else send my info into the insurance company. She said no honey only Vicki can do that. I'm just SO LET DOWN. This whole journey has been SO EMOTIONAL! UPS and DOWNS! I feel like I've had to fight with EVERYONE to get what I want! My Husband, my youngest Daughter, ( Oh and get this the Doctor TODAY told me my Oldest Daughter has talked to HER about her FEELINGS with me having this surgery!! I mean WHAT THE HELL! She told me she had a very good talk with my daughter!) doctors offices, and insurance company! I know I should have more patience but I just can't wait to be where some of you are. I mean, I read everyday and get so excited and can't wait to be one of you! I've lost a whole 14 pounds and I feel like a size 2 when I'm still a size 22. LOL I want to see how I will feel when I lose 100 to 150 pounds! I'm just venting and I know others had to go through MUCH more then I'm doing but it is just SO DISAPPOINTING! My head HURTS!! LOL
  15. hopeandfaith

    Am I being too sensitve?

    You are not being to sensitive! Some people are just cruel when it comes to over weight people. I know, my Husband is ONE and his MOTHER is WORSE! He will say something ugly about someone over weight in front of me and not think twice. I tell him that hurt my feelings and he said that was MY fault I took it personally! I'm sure they weren't even THINKING about what they were saying. About your trip you need to do what makes YOU comfortable. If they continue to be RUDE then they are NOT good FRIENDS!! Is it worth the money you are going to spend to go on this trip with them or will you be worried about the comments they will make and NOT ENJOY YOUR time!?
  16. hopeandfaith

    Proud of myself

    Sarah WAY TO GO!!!! GOOD JOB!! I LOVE your dogs too!!! My youngest daughters Boxer had 9 puppies 7 weeks ago. I play with them EVERY MORNING and RIGHT when i get home from work. Aren't BOXERS just the MOST LOVABLE dogs!!! I have three Rottweilers too.....SO I'm trying to sell 6 Boxer puppies right now....3 are already spoken for. TOO MANY dogs around our yard but I LOVE them ALL! LOL Keep up the GOOD WORK!!
  17. hopeandfaith

    Disappointed but I live!

    I have BCBS OKLA. Who would I need to send it to I wonder? Gosh I'm GREEN!!!
  18. hopeandfaith

    A successful journey so far!

    Irene WAY TO GO!!! I said, WOW look at that little waist line! LOL I sure hope you did some STRUTTING! I know I would be doing the MODEL WALK and TURN AROUND, walk and turn....LOL GOOD JOB!!!
  19. My youngest daughter (22) called me this morning to tell me she had a dream last night that I was trying on her clothes! I told her I couldn't WAIT to do that. She said, MOM that isn't FUNNY! LOL I LOVE it because she has now ACCEPTED me having the surgery!!! AMEN!

  20. hopeandfaith

    Surgery Dec 22

    I'm SO HAPPY for you!! I hope next week I can say when my surgery date is! I will keep you in my prayers and if my prayers come true we will be sleeved around the same time and we can keep in touch with our new journey! GOOD LUCK!!!
  21. hopeandfaith

    Depression and Regret

    PLEASE don't be depressed my goodness 20 pounds in four weeks is GREAT! That is 5 pounds a week. I'm sorry you are still hurting but keep drinking your water. I know it's easy for me to say I'm not SLEEVED yet but from reading all these forums that is what they say. Some say drink warm water to make your stomach feel better, take smaller bites and just don't eat as much. Maybe soup would be better for you right now. When do you go back to the doctor? Have you called them to see if they can give you something to help you. I SURE hope you get to feeling better SOON!!! HANG in there!
  22. hopeandfaith

    Today is my Day

    GOOD LUCK and I can't WAIT to hear from you again! Keep us POSTED on your journey to a new life! You are in my prayers!
  23. hopeandfaith

    Very EMOTIONAL Eve of My Sleeve

    It is natural to feel this way. What you are doing WILL change your life but for the Better!! I will keep you in my prayers!!!
  24. hopeandfaith

    Tell my boss?

    My husband didn't want me to tell anyone....MOSTLY his MOTHER AND FATHER because they are VERY JUDGEMENTAL and have made MANY comments about others GAINING their weight back. My mother in law talks about FAT people ALL THE TIME!!!! I did however tell my three Vice Presidents of the company that I work for. Two were VERY SUPPORTIVE and one who is a HEALTH-acholic well he said he didn't like the idea but would support me no matter what I did. Started emailing me LOTS of weightloss material...LOL With the time off of work for Doctors appointments it just made me feel better. PLUS, at the time that I spoke with them I NEEDED to have a Male support me....my HUSBAND didn't like the idea either....he told me I was a failure at life....BUT has CHANGED his MIND since we had a VERY GOOD AND LONG talk. Don't let OTHER peoples feed back bring you down. You are doing what is BEST for you not them!! If you get ANY NEGATIVE feedback and need to VENT just sign on to this website and VENT. You have some VERY GOOD people out here for the SUPPORT you need. Like I told my family (husband and daughter) you DON'T know what I go through and how I FEEL! You have NEVER been in my SHOES! I need SUPPORT not negative talk so if you don't have something nice to say then PLEASE don't say anything at all!!! I hope to get sleeved in December and I'm VERY EXCITED!! GOOD LUCK but follow your heart! If you have a close relationship with your boss then go for it! It really SURPRISED me of the support I did get from mine!!
  25. hopeandfaith

    8 week update!!!


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